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THM-Friendly Memorial Day Menu

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It’s almost Memorial Day! It’s a day of remembrance and thankfulness for those who have died in active military service. It’s also a day that derailed my healthy eating plan last year, but I’m not going to let that happen this year! This is my Trim Healthy Mama Memorial Day Menu (S), and I’m really looking forward to it!

Here's what I'm making:

1. Pulled Pork from I Breathe I'm Hungry

2. Parmesan Ranch Green Beans

3. Acapulco Slaw from All Day I Dream About Food

4. Jalapeño Cheddar Muffins from I Breathe I'm Hungry

5. Berries and Cream Dessert from Oh Sweet Mercy

6. Low-Carb Margaritas (with the stevia option)

First, let’s talk about the main dish. Most barbecue meats are just fine. If you’re invited to a barbecue, most of the meat there could be fine, as long as it wasn’t marinated in or served with a sugary sauce or dressing. And, it goes without saying, skip the bun if you’re having burgers! If you have Celiac disease, please use extreme caution with food that is cooked on a grill or cooked in someone else's kitchen.

I do not currently own a barbecue (it’s definitely on our “To Buy” savings list!) so I’m going to make Pulled Pork from “I Breathe I’m Hungry” instead. Have you ever noticed that when you’re an adult (especially once you become a mom), holidays are way busier and way less relaxing than they used to be? Me too. This is a slow cooker recipe, so having the main dish cooking all day will save a lot of time and stress (hopefully).

Because it doesn’t seem much like a holiday meal without bread, I’m making Jalepeno Cheddar muffins.

I'll be serving Acapulco slaw, Parmesan Ranch Green Beans, and THM-Friendly Pasta Salad on the side! For the Acapulco slaw, make sure that your mayonnaise doesn't have sugar, and if you find it's not sweet enough, you can add stevia to taste. 

Then we’ve got low-carb margaritas , but be very careful with your sweetener! Start with a few drops of liquid stevia and work your way up. I have some good bottled drink ideas here if you don’t drink alcohol.

And to finish off the meal, a lovely Berries and Cream Dessert from Oh Sweet Mercy. 

These are all “S” recipes, and make sure you read Trim Healthy Mama for more details on how meals like this can help you lose weight!

For a delicious crossover (and other family members not in weight loss mode) I'd recommend adding some watermelon (E) and corn on the cob (E). 

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