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My Trim Healthy Mama No Cheat Challenge!

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THM week long menu and no cheating challenge!


I've been struggling a bit lately to eat well. I know the key to success in healthy eating is planning, so I thought I'd share my plan for the week. I am committing to a Trim Healthy Mama No Cheat Challenge for the week…which will hopefully turn into a no cheat month, so I thought I'd invite you to join me!

THM week long menu + no cheat challenge!

In case you can't read my writing (which is very, very likely, lol), I typed out my menu for you. Please comment if you want to join me in planning out your meals, and committing to no cheating…at all! If you need ideas to make your own menu, I have tons of THM meal ideas HERE

If you DO mess up, you are just 3 hours from a reset with THM, so keep that in mind! You can start fresh with my Cheating Recovery Meal Plan, too.


Breakfast – Trim Healthy Pancakes (page 243 in my THM ebook) E
Lunch – Holy Grail Pizza with grilled chicken (S)
Dinner – grilled steak with roasted brussel sprouts (S)
Snack – nuts & cheese
Dessert – Oopsie Chocolate Eclairs (page 407 in my THM ebook) S

Tuesday –

Breakfast – bacon & fried eggs (S)
Lunch – Dashing Dish protein shake (most are S or FP)
Dinner – tacos with no shell (S) – I stack seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, ½ an avocado, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce
Snack – Rich Chocolate Fudge (page 406 in my THM ebook) S (I make a double batch so the whole family can eat it throughout the week)
Dinner – Baked Apples (page 399 in my THM ebook) (E)

Wednesday –

Breakfast – leftover pancakes from Monday (E)
Lunch – Just Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup (page 312 in my THM ebook) S with meat and cheese roll ups
Dinner – chicken breasts and Quinoa with salt and pepper to taste (E)
Snack – 1 apple and Greek Yogurt sweetened with stevia (E)
Dinner – Rich Chocolate Fudge (page 406 in my THM ebook) (S)
**Wednesday nights is when I usually mix up overnight oatmeal for the next morning.

Thursday –

Breakfast – overnight oatmeal (E)
Lunch – Cajun Cottage Cheese Salad (page 323 in my THm ebook) (FP)
Dinner – Pearl’s Chili (page 348 in my THM ebook) (S)
Snack – Crunchy Cheese Crackers (page 415 in my THM ebook) (S)
Dessert – Peanut Butter Blizzard (S)

Friday –

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs + Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (S)
Lunch – salad with grilled chicken (S)
Dinner – baked chicken thighs and green beans (S)
Snack – nuts and cheese (S)
Dessert – Basic Cheesecake (page 393 in my THM ebook) (S)

Saturday –

Breakfast – Peanut Butter Blizzard (S) (I love this one, but you could sub any on-plan shake)
Lunch – lunch meat, cream cheese, and dill pickle roll-ups (S)
Dinner – crockpot rice and beans (E)
Snack – Rich Chocolate Fudge (S)
Dessert – Oopsie Roll Eclairs (S)

Sunday –
Breakfast – bacon and fried eggs (S)
Lunch – out – salad with chicken
Dinner – Easy Artichoke Chicken (S)
Snack – Greek yogurt with 1 orange (E)
Dessert – Muffin in a Mug (I like to find new MIM recipes to find on Pinterest) (S)

**I apologize if your page numbers are different than mine. I have weird settings on my computer, so you’ll want to use the Index to find the recipes in your own book.

Please join me in a renewed commitment to healthy eating! I look forward to hearing from you!

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    1. Yay! I started with a week so I didn’t intimidate myself, lol. I know we can do it!

      1. Hey There ~ are we keeping track of meals somewhere? Like what we ate that day to keep us accountable? If not, no worries just checking to see if I missed it. Thank you!

  1. I will join you! This may be just what I need to get back on plan after the holidays and being sick!

  2. IM IN! I need all the help I can get!!! So frustrated right now because bought several things this week that I thought were on plan and turned out they aren’t. It chaps my bum wasting money!

  3. Okay, I’m not doing the challenge. Today is my first day on THM and I thought your challenge would be a great place for meal ideas and inspiration. And I decided to say thanks for sharing, instead of just lurking. 😀

    1. Thanks for looking! I’ve got lots of meal ideas; hopefully they help! Thanks for saying thanks 🙂 and good luck!

  4. Yes, I’m commiting to no cheating! I’ve been doing good but I want to be part of this too! Also, I just got this planner a couple of weeks ago!!! Waiting for my Wellness journal to come in the mail!

    1. Awesome! I don’t have the Wellness Journal but I’ve been wanting to get one!

  5. I started this plan yesterday…noticed this morning tho that my yogurt has 15 g of carbs, definitely not an S. I chose vanilla…is there an u flavored one that keeps you on plan?

    1. The book gives some examples, but I use 0% unlfavored Greek yogurt and add stevia to taste. Another great option is the Oikos Triple Zero fruit flavored yogurts that are sweetened with stevia.

  6. I like the dry erase “Meal chart”, where did you find that? i noticed, it looks like you have an Erin Condren calendar. Is that a piece she now makes?

    1. The snap-in piece is a laminated addition she sells with her planners. The calendar is actually my planner in the photo. 🙂 I love her stuff!

    1. Sorry, Madison, almost all of the menus come with shopping lists except for this one! Please feel free to sign up for my 2 week challenge menus at the top of the website to get a bunch of two week menus with shopping lists. Or you can go to the Menus & Meal Plans sections of the website for full monthly menus with shopping lists. I hope that helps!

  7. Hi JEN,
    Just learned of this plan and your book. Planning to buy it soon. Is coffee with creamer allowed?

    1. Hi JoAnn! Honestly, it depends on the creamer! For Trim Healthy Mama, you’ll want to make your own with allowed ingredients (like heavy cream and stevia), or try something like nutpods creamer. I have a few coffee recipes here at workingathomeschool.com that are pretty tasty, and there are also some great ones in the Trim Healthy Mama books!

  8. I’m new to all this, but I noticed that you use mainly S meals…. I was under the impression that we had to balance S and E meals out… Or am I getting my words crossed (my book hasn’t arrived yet)

    1. Hi Amber! We don’t want an equal amount of both. You need 5-7 E meals in a week. I hope that helps! – Jen

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