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Crunchy Salty THM Friendly Snacks

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Picture this – it's evening, you're tired, and you want to munch…but not necessarily on something sweet. What is a Trim Healthy Mama to do when she wants a crunchy, salty THM friendly snack?

I created this list of on-plan, healthy crunchy and salty snacks for anyone who wants to stay on plan even during the munchy times…and maybe for those nights when you don't want something sweet!

I made a list with some links, but you can also scroll to the bottom for a free printable shopping crunchy/salty snack idea list categorized by fuel type. I printed mine for inspiration to stay on plan whenever a craving strikes.

Crunchy, Salty THM Friendly Snacks

Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese is my all-time favorite cheesy, salty, crunchy snack. They are the crunchiest of my salty snacks, and in my opinion are the most satisfying to much on. I like these portable packets for a crunchy, cheesy snack – these are perfect for taking to the movie theater! Cheddar is definitely my favorite flavor, but Gouda is a close second. My kids love these, too!

This full sized portion of Moon Cheese is a bit more cost effective – I'll take the big bag and split it into smaller serving sizes:

Whisps Cheese Crisps

Whisps are flattened cheese discs – and so good!

Parm Crisps

Another cheesy disk type of snack.

Coconut Chips

I like these “Dang” Coconut Chips because they are unsweetened! There are zero grams of added sugar, but only in this variety! You'll want to check the ingredients list of coconut chips to make sure there's no added sugar if you choose a different brand or type.

On-plan Seaweed or Kale Chips – you'll want to look for varieties with no added sugars

Wasa Crackers

There are several varieties of Wasa crackers that work well on plan. These are so versatile – at home, I'll top them with a piece of deli meat, a wedge of Light Laughing Cow Cheese, freshly sliced tomatoes, and freshly cracked ground pepper.

The THM Food Analyzer App lists all of the Wasa crackers and how many you can have in each fuel setting. I highly, highly recommend this app if you don't have it already! You can type in foods and the app will tell you if they are off-plan or what fuel type they are. It's an extremely helpful tool!


Mixed nuts or any variety you prefer is a great THM “S” friendly snack. As with other packaged foods, please check the label to make sure the ingredients are on plan and there aren't any added sugars.

Brown Rice Cakes

This is one of my favorite on-plan E snacks – lightly salted brown rice cakes. 🙌🏻

Baked Tostitos

Remember, not all chips are created equal! THM says we can have BAKED tortilla chips, but they can be hard to find! Here's a link to the ones I buy – this is a 72 pack of Baked Tostitos:

Skinny Pop Popcorn

The individual bags of Skinny Pop are nice and convenient, but they actually aren't on plan as is! They are too high in fat, but these microwave bags are perfect! You can have up to 5 cups and stay in “E” mode:

Unique Brand Sprouted Pretzels

These are a favorite! If you miss the taste of pretzels on plan, you don't have to anymore! I bought a big pack of these months ago and since I stick to one serving size at a time, they've lasted a loooong time! These are perfect for late night munching, and check out the ingredients: Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Yeast, and Baking Soda! These are clean, on plan ingredients, but as I mentioned earlier you'll want to watch your serving size so you don't go over the fat limit.

THM Crispy Addictions

Trim Healthy Mama's Crispy Addictions come in multiple flavors. These are particularly excellent because they are fully on plan and delicious!

Trim Healthy Mama Shameless Crackers

These crackers are definitely one of my very favorite Trim Healthy Mama products! If you're looking for a crunchy salty THM snack you may not need to look further. Cheesy Kick and Easy Cheesy are my favorite to use on their own, but the Classic Toppers are PERFECT for topping with cheese or dipping into sauces. All varieties are excellent additions to my quick and easy THM lunch protein boxes!

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