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70 + Best Low Carb Snacks

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A master list of low-carb snacks! SO useful when you need ideas! #lowcarb #trimhealthymama #thm #snacks #healthysnacks

Need some quick and easy snack ideas?

I came up with this list to keep on my refrigerator after a twenty-minute blank stare into my pantry. I remember I was SO hungry, and I couldn't come up with a single thing to eat!

One of the great things about the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle is that we get to enjoy healthy carbs AND healthy fats (just not together while we're in weight loss mode).

I love my E (low-fat) snacks, but I've found that “S” snacks sometimes fill me up a little better. I use this snack idea list 3 hours after any other Trim Healthy Mama fuel type, and many of these are portable, which makes it easy to stash them in my bag on the way out the door!

The easy and no-prep snacks on this list make it the “best” – but there are a few that require just a little prep, too.

There are a few FP ideas that made this list, too, and I do have a disclaimer for you – please make sure that if you buy one of these items at the store, you buy only on-plan products! You can learn more about identifying THM-approved products in the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book.

I LOVE this list, it's been so handy! I've included a free printable PDF version, too! Just enter your email address at the bottom of this post and I'll send it right over. ☺️

The Best Low Carb Snacks List

sunflower seeds

dill pickles

pumpkin seeds


boiled eggs

deli meat

coconut chips

tuna on sliced tomatoes





cucumber, deli meat, and cheese sandwiches

celery w/ cream cheese

celery w/ peanut butter

deviled eggs

sliced cucumbers spread w/ cream cheese & dipped in salsa


cheese slices


0% Greek yogurt w/ stevia and berries

pork rinds

egg salad

deli meat & cheese roll-ups

deli meat & cream cheese roll-ups

cucumbers and Greek yogurt dip

cottage cheese with berries

string cheese

mini bell peppers and Greek yogurt dip

mini bell peppers and guacamole

bacon-wrapped jalapeño cream cheese bites

zucchini chips

kale chips

baked cheese slices

baked parmesan crisps

Moon Cheese

baked pepperoni chips

baked pepperoni, pizza sauce, and mozzarella bites

protein shakes

low-carb cheesecake

low-carb muffin in a mug

dill pickles rolled up in cream cheese & deli meat

smoked salmon

low-carb trail mix


scrambled eggs

low-carb Canadian bacon pizzas

bacon chips w/ guacamole

low-carb sausage balls

low-carb meatballs

low-carb stevia-sweetened chocolate

salami, cream cheese, and sliced bell pepper roll-ups

side salad w/ protein

homemade low-carb ice cream

homemade low-carb cookies

low-carb chicken salad on cucumber slices

homemade low-carb crepes w/ berries

low-carb fat bombs

store-bought, plan-approved protein bars

no-sugar-added beef jerky

no-sugar-added sausage 

store-bought protein packs

olive tapenade w/ cucumber slices

low-carb pizza zucchini bites

homemade low-carb fudge

leftover cooked meat

roasted radish chips

bulletproof coffee

BLT Wraps (bacon, tomato, and mayo

wrapped in lettuce)

low-carb nachos (use mini peppers instead of chips)

homemade low-carb cloud bread

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