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THM-friendly cereal! These Power O's are surprisingly good and they're good for you, too! #trimhealthymama #thm #healthy #thmE #trimhealthymamaE

Are Cheerios on plan for THM? Well, no. Not even a little. 

If you've missed crunchy, quick cereal since you've started Trim Healthy Mama, you're not alone. My go-to quick meal on a busy morning is boiled eggs or whatever I have prepared in the fridge. In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that sometimes “whatever I have prepared” is deli meat or dinner leftovers – NOT my first choices for breakfast!

I've also found myself grabbing the allowed-on-THM-but-I-think-they-make-me-gain-weight Quest bars. 

But no longer!

Power O's 

I've been hearing about Power O's by Love Grown for ages, and I finally ordered some from Amazon to try for myself. They are allowed on Trim Healthy Mama because they are made with a blend of beans and rice – that makes them an E recipe. I buy them in bulk on Amazon (I get six boxes in a pack). Note: Only the plain, original flavor is on plan for Trim Healthy Mamas!

They are a GAME.CHANGER. 

Here's the thing – they look like Cheerio's, but they don't taste like Cheerio's. I think they taste almost exactly like Kix cereal.

You do need to add sweetener to these. Let me rephrase that – you MUST add sweetener to these. If you don't, you'll take a bite and think I'm a terrible human being for recommending them. They are good, I promise, but you need to sweeten them first! I add about a Tablespoon of Gentle Sweet to a bowl of Power O's with unsweetened plain almond milk and some fruit, and they are so good! You may want less Gentle Sweet in yours, I have a pretty powerful sweet tooth. 

I don't eat these more than once a week, because they are a frankenfood, but once in awhile it's a fun treat to get a crunchy bowl of cereal!

Have you tried Power O's? What do you think? 

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