7 Day Summer Challenge for THM

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How do you plan to eat this summer?

That might sound like a silly question – we don't typically plan to eat badly, do we? Often we set out with the best intentions when it comes to eating well.

But summer is a little different. Summer is a time of vacations, different schedules, outdoor events, and cold treats. When I first started coaching, I was surprised to find that the two busiest times of year I have as a Certified THM Coach are after the holiday season, and in the fall.

Getting more focused after the holidays makes sense, of course, but fall seemed like an interesting time for so many to want to make serious progress. I started asking questions and learned that most of the new clients coming to me in the fall were trying to undo a summer's worth of eating off-plan.

But we can't undo eating off-plan – it's already been done! An entire summer of bad choices isn't going to disappear after a few weeks off eating on-plan. That's why it's so important to get on-plan and stay on-plan so you can enjoy the benefits of a THM lifestyle – even through the summer!

I created a 7 Day Challenge to help you start your summer strong, and it starts Tuesday, July 5th. If you are reading this after July 5th and would like to do the challenge on your own, you're more than welcome to! Just follow the steps outlined below!

Summer is the PERFECT time to establish the THM systems and habits that can help you reach your goals. For 7 days we are going to go all-in and eat 100% on-plan. I know you can do it, and it will be so much more fun with a community of other Trim Healthy Mamas – we'll all do it together!

Here's what you'll need to do to join the free 7 Day Challenge:
1. Sign up below to get the free challenge guide;

2. Join my free, unofficial THM Challenge Facebook Group

3. If you don't use Facebook, subscribe to my YouTube Channel to watch the free challenge videos there

4. Choose one of these menus to follow, or any other menu that suits you and your family!

Trim Healthy Table Menu

Trim Healthy Future Menu

Click Here for More THM-Friendly Meal Plans

5. Shop for what you need to follow the menu you've chosen

6. Beginning July 5, follow the daily tasks on the Challenge Guide and watch the live videos on Facebook and YouTube to follow along.

7. Remember, the goal is to stay on-plan no matter what! We'll talk about tips and strategies to help you out along the way!

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