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New menu from the Trim Healthy Table book

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Trim Healthy Mama Menu & Shopping List!


New Menu!

There are so many delicious recipes in the book Trim Healthy Table, but I tend to find a few good recipes in any cookbook and overlook the rest. I put this menu together so I could enjoy some of the less-often-turned-to recipes.

My family has LOVED testing these out! Our early favorites are the Wake Up, Trim Down Banana Bars (you may want to make a double batch of these if you're feeding a big crowd), Addictive Greek Chicken, Breakfast Cheesecakes, and our favorite since the book came out – Chicken Fried Double Rice! (P.S. – You can get access to my THM Menu Library by signing up at the bottom of this post!)

Special Notes

 This menu makes a LOT of food and feeds a family of six. If you're feeding a smaller crowd, the easiest way to make a smaller amount of food with this menus is to cut the Meat & Deli section of the shopping list directly in half. Then you can cut the recipes in half as you go to cook them, and/or freeze whatever portions you don't eat. You could also make the full recipe and freeze several portions for future meals. 

This isn't  the most frugal menu, but I think you may already have a lot of the ingredients so definitely shop your pantry, fridge, and freezer before you go to the store! I have many other menus on my website under the Menus & Meal Planning section.

OH, and I need to take a moment to share that one of my recipes (Brownie Batter in a Mug) is included in Trim Healthy Table! Page 405, if you want to check it out yourself. Workingathomeschool.com (now thewellplannedkitchen.com) was mentioned in the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book as a meal planning resource, but in Trim Healthy Table they included one of my favorite creations. Pretty exciting!

Download the Menu

You can download the one-week menu and shopping list right here, but please feel free to sign up below to get MONTHS of free menus and shopping lists to help you on your THM journey!

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