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Mini Fuel Cycle Challenge

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If you've wanted to try a Fuel Cycle with Trim Healthy Mama but feel a bit intimidated by the two-week commitment, a Mini Fuel Cycle is the perfect way to get your feet wet! It's not as intense as a regular fuel cycle.

What is a mini fuel cycle?

The Mini Fuel Cycle was published in the original Trim Healthy Mama book (the big one!). It's a fun, one-day introduction to the Fuel Cycle. Here's a quote from the original book, Trim Healthy Mama, on page 440: “Your breakfast and lunch will be Deep, pure S to help empty glucose from your cells. Then, make your afternoon snack and evening meal Fuel Pull to force your body into adipose burning.”

The Mini FC is just one day of meals as described in the book, but as we are instructed to follow up with an E meal I added an E breakfast for the next day to your printable below.

Who should try a Mini Fuel Cycle?

As a Certified THM Lifestyle Coach, I recommend testing out a Mini FC to help with stubborn weight – reducing dairy is often one of the best things to help the scale start moving again! The meals in the Mini FC can be delicious and very satisfying.

I recommend trying this if you've been on-plan for a little while, have an understanding of the THM fuels, and want to see what a Fuel Cycle is like!

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What is a Deep S meal, and why do I see them on this meal plan?

A Deep S meal focuses on pure, healthy fats! They are delicious, and I've found that the benefits of avoiding those Heavy S fats from dairy can be tremendous! If you need some Deep S meal ideas, I have a list of them here: Deep S Meal Ideas for Trim Healthy Mama

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