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Quitting Sugar – Family Challenge!

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My kids and I are quitting sugar for the next few weeks! Using this free printable - we'll see how it goes!

Is anyone else having a hard time with COMPLETELY quitting sugar? I don't mean fruit, of course, I mean the hard stuff processed white and brown sugar. I've been a Trim Healthy Mama for a long time, and I've lost all of my desired weight and gotten rid of most of my sugar cravings…until now.  I've gotten into a bad habit of cheating here and there (here, and there, and everywhere). I've used THM to keep the weight off, but I know if I keep going on this path it could be very bad for my clothing size. 

That's why I  was wildly impressed when my six-year-old son told me he wanted to stop consuming sugar entirely. I was feeling a little snarky and offered to buy him a soda (kind of as a joke…I wasn't trying to wreck his plans and ruin his health, I promise), and he said, “Mom. You're always telling me how bad sugar is, and how I need to get strong. I want to quit sugar so I don't get sick with colds and so I can win a running race.” 


He was adamant that he does NOT want to be a Trim Healthy Mama (which cracked me up), but the little dude is seriously showing me up in the self-control department. And he's also puzzling me, because he isn't scheduled to participate in any race that I know of, nor has he ever participated in a race, but maybe now is the time to find one for him. 

At any rate, he has done so well for a few weeks that my other kids wanted in on the action – but only if mom does it, too. So we decided to do a sugar-free challenge – no refined sugars for 12 days, at least. If I slip up, I have to provide the prize for the kids to split, and if one of them has sugar, they have to provide a prize for the rest of us to split. We are still debating on the prize – so far, we are debating between the loser doing one of each of the other family members' chores, making a meal for everyone else, or providing $5 for the winners to split. We aren't sure yet, but we need to figure it out, because we start tomorrow!

As a Trim Healthy Mama, I have times where I do an excellent job of not cheating…and other times where I don't do so well. So here's to me showing these little guys how it's done! If you want to do something similar with your kids, here's a free download to help you keep track of the winners (and losers)! If you're already sugar-free, or a Trim Healthy Mama, maybe this will be your chance to get the kids and hubby on board. By the way – this is for refined sugar only – I just want to reiterate that we  consume a lot of fruit, and don't plan to stop it. We just do it the trim and healthy way. 

Here is your free download – let me know if you try this, and how it goes for you and your kids! Download

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