Quick & Easy Protein Box Printables

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Want SUPER quick and easy THM lunches? I started making these on-the-go favorites years ago – they were initially inspired by protein boxes from Starbucks. Kind of like a charcuterie board in a box. I absolutely LOVED them – they only took a few minutes to make, they were delicious, and I could make a whole bunch at once in very little time. My kids loved them, too!

We've been enjoying them for the past few years – I think you'll find these gems are total time savers! I've put the “S” and “E” friendly worksheets together in one printable for easy downloading and printing!

Sometimes simple, easy, and delicious is the best way to stick to the plan 100%, and these boxes meet all of those categories!

You can sign up below to get the 2-pack of free printables. There's one worksheet for S-friendly boxes, and one worksheet for E-friendly boxes. You just choose from the categories on the box and put them together! I can make so many, so fast – they are a staple in my refrigerator for grab and go lunches!

Here's a link to the exact bento-style boxes I use – I've had these since I started making these boxes about five years ago:

“E” Protein Box Ideas
“E” Protein Box Ideas
“S” Protein Box Ideas

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