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Hi! We are on Day 1 of our Prep Challenge – if you haven't started yet, let's get going with some THM Lunch Prep! There are quite a few resources on this page for meal prep in general, so you may want to bookmark it for future reference.

Please feel free to join my free THM Challenge Facebook group here to join in the fun!

Please remember that when I host these challenges, it's a super condensed way to meal prep. I rarely (if ever) spend this much time prepping in a day, but the idea is to have a meal prep blitz without spending too much time in the kitchen. It's WAY easier to stay on plan throughout the week when you have food prepped and ready to go. 

We take a very structured, systematic approach to THM in my Six Week Bootcamp, where you learn the secret sauce to getting on plan and staying on plan.

But for this challenge, when we're diving in and prepping a lot in 5 days, please take a break if you feel overwhelmed! Prepping everything I planned out for you in these 5 days will help a lot, but if you can't get to everything it's totally OK! Anything you make should still be a big help! We are starting with THM Lunch Prep and moving into four days of stocking up.

If you haven't downloaded your free printable prep packet for this challenge, you can get it here:

THM Prep Challenge Workbook.pdf

I'm explaining what to do to get ready for the challenge here (no cooking, just choosing recipes and buying ingredients):

Extra Help for THM Meal Prep

Want to prep ahead without spending hours in the kitchen? The  Meal Prep Master Class & THM Meal Planning Class Bundle – includes two master classes will help you get prepped and organized on THM. Together, these classes cost $35.98. But since they'll be so helpful for this challenge, you can get access to BOTH classes (AND the comprehensive printable workbooks) for just $20! 😮

This offer is only good until the challenge ends on August 27. If you want to get the discount to save over $15, please use coupon code mealprepchallenge

For Day 1 (that's today!) we are making Protein Boxes and soup or salad!

If you don't have time to prep, or if you want to have MORE items prepped, I recommend stocking up on backup lunch items at the store.

I'm buying bagged salads (I'll save the dressing that's included and any off-plan toppings for other family members), tuna pouches, and deli meats and cheeses for my grab and go lunches this week.

How to Turn Trim Train Soup into Different Fuel Sources:

And you can see me make protein boxes here:

I LOVE my protein boxes for quick and easy lunches, and I'll be alternating protein boxes and soup this week. It will be SO nice to have my lunches all set for the week! Freezing some soup will make for excellent future lunches, too.

It is VERY beneficial to stock up on those grab and go items at the store so you have quick, on-plan lunches ready. If you don't have time to prep, try a quick trip to the grocery store instead.

I hope you have a fantastic day – I'll check in tomorrow!

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