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Low Carb Family Dinners

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Family Favorite Meals Made Low Carb
An easy way to see how family favorites can become low carb – perfect for part of the THM lifestyle! S Meals.


Sometimes I hear that Trim Healthy Mama is complicated, and it just…isn't!!! I think I made it super complicated at first, before I realized that it didn't have to be that way. I made this infographic (my first ever!) to show you how simple THM can be, and how you can low-carb it with the best of them with very little effort. These are S meals only (please read the Trim Healthy Mama book to see why this is NOT the only type of meal you should be eating!), and just a simple illustration to show how I eat my family favorites, all the time, without the weight-gaining ingredients. Pretty simple. Of course, you'll want to watch out for added sugars or flours, and you'll definitely want to read Trim Healthy Mama for more details, but this is the basic idea of how I convert our favorite recipes to be THM-friendly. This chart shows low carb family dinners – the same ones we've eaten for ages, only healthier! Best of all, since we've gone gluten-free due to a Celiac disease diagnosis, we can still eat our favorites.  

These are just a few examples – you can apply the same principles to many favorites. For example, instead of steak and potatoes, we eat steak with baked asparagus, green beans, or brussels sprouts. When we eat enchiladas, we pile the ingredients in a casserole dish (without tortillas), and eat them as a casserole instead. There are SO MANY OPTIONS for low-carbing your favorites! Do you have any favorite meals you've made healthier? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Just thought I’d let you know the squash pictures is a butternut squash, not a spaghetti squash

    1. No, she has it right. I have one of those spaghetti squashes right here we are gonna use for dinner and it looks exactly the same. butternut squashes have more of a tan skin and are larger at one end than the other while spaghetti squash are pretty uniformly oval in shape with a bright yellow skin. : )

  2. Try having a taco salad instead of tacos in shells.

    Google “wicked good fish taco sauce” and have that over salmon or white fish on a bed of greens. SO so good.

    Tonight we had cut-up bratwurst fried up with vegetables instead of on a bun.

    Have a steak salad, piled high with veg and bleu cheese or feta

    We also love a snacky lunch: meat cubes, olives, cheese cubes or spreadable cheese wedges, pickles, etc.

    My whole family swoons for meatballs on mountains of broccoli, slathered in white sauce. You won’t miss the pasta!

    I love Pioneer Woman’s pesto cream sauce over chicken and vegetables. Again, you won’t miss the pasta.

    Eat your chicken salad with a fork, instead of on bread.

    Use mini bell pepper halves to scoop up salsa or avocado instead of chips.

    Stir-fry your favorite pizza toppings, serve it up in a bowl and cover with cheese. Mmmmmmm.

    1. I LOVE these! Brilliant ideas! And Pioneer Woman has a lot of my favorite recipes, too, that can easily be tweaked for THM.

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