11 Year Trimaversary Giveaway!

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It's been OVER 11 years since I found Trim Healthy Mama (when the original book was published in 2012) and I've never looked back!

Yes, I've had setbacks…baby weight, stress weight, health issues that caused weight gain that wouldn't budge, huge life events…but I stayed faithful and the THM blessings keep rolling in!

Over the past 11 years, I've had more than one doctor tell me that I would have likely gained a considerable amount of weight, needed multiple medications, and worse had I not continued to eat this way. I've stayed on plan through extremely stressful life situations, health conditions, pregnancy (baby #5 is nine years old now!) and so much more.

I am so grateful to be Trim and Healthy, and to be blessed enough to get to help others do the same!

I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate! ONE (1) first-prize winner drawn at random will get a $50 Trim Healthy Mama gift card, ONE (1) second-prize winner drawn at random will receive my favorite meal acrylic refrigerator planning board from Amazon, THREE (3) 4th prize winners will receive an Erin Condren Wellness Journal (I love mine!), and SIX (6) 5th prize winners will get access to my entire library of Master Classes!

After you enter to win below, you'll get a confirmation screen that pops up with ways to earn even more entries. Please keep an eye out for that, because you can gain many more entries to win!

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