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My Morning Routine

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I have a guide for you! Totally free, with my favorite verses and structure for my morning!

Systems and habits are KEY to making Trim Healthy Mama easier. When I first started establishing my routine, I just added one habit at a time. Now it's ALL second-nature – I don't even have to think about it, I just do it!

There are excellent scientific reasons for creating and maintaining a morning routine. I have found that it helps me stay on plan throughout the day if I stick to my minerals in water, high protein breakfast, and morning sunlight no matter what's going on. Those, along with reading a Bible verse or two, are non-negotiables for my day.

Lately I've been focusing on adding more “I'm That Girl” type of intentional thinking, and in Bite Club (my post-Bootcamp accountability group) we've been developing routines that include journaling. My gratitude journaling is coming along, and it's been INCREDIBLY beneficial, but it's not quite cemented as one of my regular habits yet. I know that's coming, though!

Here's what my routine currently looks like:

  • Wake up & get right outside for sunrise (I do this no matter what the weather is like) – if anyone has questions about this I can explain further! Just let me know!
  • Water with minerals or a small pinch of salt
  • High-protein S Breakfast (E breakfasts aren't for me right now because of blood sugar issues, but most people do great with a good E breakfast, and many of my clients enjoy E breakfasts, too!)
  • Help kids get ready/take kids to school with another glass of water
  • At home: Bible time & prayer
  • Gratitude journaling (this just takes a few minutes)
  • Affirmations/thinking about scripture (I'm trying to memorize several verses)
  • Walk
  • Weights or stretching
  • Work (THM Clients and Bootcamp)

    That's it! The guide at the bottom of this post is designed to help you put together your OWN morning routine. While mine looks like it takes awhile, each item only takes a few minutes. Having a set routine is SO valuable and helps so much when it comes to consistency! I hope this is helpful!

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