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It’s my birthday! Here’s what I’m eating:

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It's my 41st birthday today!!! I love my own birthday – I know that might sound very self-centered, but it's the day that reminds me to be grateful more than any other day. I love spending time with my family, eating good food, and counting my blessings! I'm so, so thankful to be celebrating another birthday, and it's even better to spend it with my kiddos and my husband today! It's also been over eleven years since I started my THM lifestyle, and that still goes down in history as one of the best choices I ever made! I'm sharing my meal plan for the day below, but… First, I have to cover my yearly tradition – every year on my birthday I hold a sale or offer something special to my readers! This only comes once a year, but I think it's so much fun! And the older I get, the bigger the discount. 😅 This year it's a whopper – and I'm already sweating over my future 50th and 60th birthday discounts! 😆 This year I'm upping the offer to something extra fun. Instead of just one digital resource for $41, I'm expanding the sale !

Option 1: I'm giving you five of my best selling classes for just $41 – that's $195 off! 🫢

This ​Master the Basics Workshop Bundle​ includes:

  1. Cheat Recovery Master Class (33 minutes with printables)
  2. THM Basics Class (48 minutes with printables)
  3. Master Meal Prep Class (35 minutes with printables) with
  4. Master Meal Planning Class (57 minutes with printables)
  5. THM Refresh Class (35 minutes with printables)
  6. Master the Fuel Cycle Class (73 minutes with printables) Each of these classes is typically $47, but I've marked them down to $17 for the sale – and you can get an even more incredible price by buying them together!

To buy this blowout package of classes and printables, click here: ​Master the Basics Workshop Bundle​

The bundle is priced at $235 – just enter the coupon code MASTERBUNDLE41 to get $195 off!

This coupon code will only be good for the next 48 hours! Please note that these are my most popular classes and were not recorded new again. If you've taken one in the past, you'll now be getting access to the other “Best of” Master Classes at an incredible price! I'm not able to section the bundle out for individual classes or refund portions of payments because these Master Classes are being offered at over 80% off!

Option 2: I'm giving you Basecamp for just $41! To get ​Basecamp​ at the discounted price, please use coupon code BASECAMP41

Basecamp is a three week online course with daily coaching videos, TONS of printable resources, and exclusive meal plans to help you really grasp THM and get started on making progress!

Option 3: I'm also adding the ​Easy THM Meals Tool Kit​ (regular price $60.98) for just $41! with coupon code EASYMEALS41

The Easy Meals Tool Kit Includes:

  • 16 weeks of Easy Dinner Meal Plans (19.99)
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  • The Perpetually Prepped Kitchen ebook ($13.99)
  • THM Made Easy Master Class (with printables) ($17 on sale, regular price $47)

Option 4: If you want ​all THREE​, I'm offering 41% off of the set of three for an extra incredible value! You can get Basecamp, the Master the Basics Bundle, AND the Easy THM Meals Tool Kit for just $72.57 instead of $123 on sale (if purchased separately, the value is $360). ​Click here to get all THREE for $72.57. ​

Ok, back to the birthday! Here's what I'm eating today: I always start my day with a big glass of water with minerals, and that is not changing! Breakfast: coffee with a Chick-Fil-A Hashbrown Scramble Bowl (I get the grilled chicken filet and skip the hash browns, so the contents of this bowl are scrambled eggs, grated cheese, and grilled chicken. Very simple but very tasty, and the best part is that I didn't have to cook it myself!) (S) I'll make my usual FP Peppermint Mocha latte at home.

Snack: I'm going to have a Sumo orange and tea with collagen or Essentials (E)

Lunch: Cumin Diced Sweet Potatoes (I oven roast them until they are crispy) with baked chicken breasts (E)

Snack: sliced cucumbers with homemade ranch dressing and a few slices of salami

(S) Dinner: We are going to a local taco shop with AMAZING queso, and the ingredients are all on plan! I'm not wanting to load on up on off-plan chips, even though it's my birthday, so I'll be pouring it over my shrimp burrito bowl for a delicious XO.

Dessert: Esther's Cake of Wonders (if you don't have the new Trim Healthy Indulgence book, I highly recommend it!). That's the plan! Thank you for sticking with me for so many years of THM blogging and coaching – I'm so excited that we get to do this together and I'm thankful for you every day!

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