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Part 4 of Every Mom’s Guide to Getting Organized (Continued) Free Printable Checklist to get more done in the kitchen!

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Free printable to stay organized in the kitchen!















So…I'm lame. And I forgot something. Blame it on being too busy…or too tired…I'm great at excuses and I could keep going all day, but I'll spare you. 

Last week I shared Part 4 of Every Mom's Guide to Getting Organized. I shared my freezer cooking menu and shopping lists, and it was great. We had a good time. But then I realized that I failed, because I forgot to share one of the printables I'd worked so hard on. (Insert facepalm here). 

So…here it is! Every kitchen day, which is Thursday at my house, I follow this checklist to make sure I keep my kitchen reasonably organized and clean, and to ensure that I have good food on hand for the rest of the week. I hope you'll find this useful! Here's the free printable: Download 


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