Master Deep S, Heavy S, & Light S Meals -Online Class

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Do the different types of S's confuse you?

If they do, or even if you just need some new meal ideas, this class is for you! When I first started THM, I didn't understand the differences between the different types of S meals and how they can help me on my THM journey. Through my 9 years of plan and years of coaching, I've come up with a whole bunch of meal ideas and really fine-tuned when and how to implement each type of S meal – and I'm ready to share that information with you!

I'm hosting a class to help you master your S meals, and I think you'll love it!

This Master Class costs just $17, and you'll get my exclusive S meal printables and unlimited access to catch the replay anytime! Trim Healthy Mama Deep S meals do not have to be complicated, and they can help you so much – I can't wait to go through all of the different S types with you and show you what they can do!

We'll be going live at 1pm MST Wednesday February 16th, but you can watch anytime that works for you! Space is limited, but registration is open now!

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