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How to Make Meals in Minutes

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Get dinner on the table in just a few minutes with this cheat sheet! (You'll be amazed at the 5 minute meals you can make with a rotisserie chicken!) - gluten-free, trim healthy mama, whole 30, and paleo ideas on here, too!

I LOVE helping other moms bring peace and order into their chaotic lives. Just this year, I've worked with over a thousand moms to help them become more intentional with the meals they serve their family, WITHOUT spending too much time in the kitchen. 

One of these moms, Sarah, reached out to me and shared that she felt trapped in the routine of eating out after soccer practice, and dialing for takeout when she was too tired to cook. 

I replied with a heartfelt, “Girl, I have BEEN THERE! But it doesn't have to be that way!”

What if I told you that you could have dinner on the table in minutes? Not just bowls of cereal or takeout – I'm talking about healthy, easy meals that take very little effort? 

Friends, it IS possible – I do it every week! 

Free download - Dinners in Minutes Cheat Sheet!

My family no longer defaults to fast food or junk food. When we are busy, when I'm tired, or when our day just isn't going as planned, our new default is a quick and healthy meal at home. I've made it incredibly easy to have a completely prepped kitchen – a perpetually prepped kitchen. 

Your cheat sheet for healthy meals in minutes will give you plenty of ideas for grab and serve dinners at home! 



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