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Two week Gluten-Free Trim Healthy Mama Menu

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Ever feel overwhelmed with kitchen stuff? I'm one of those people who will stare at the fridge and wonder what to make for dinner…at 6 o'clock at night. Planning is key for me, or I don't get things done (including dinner). If I plan well, we eat well. This month has been nuts – with birthday parties, broken appliances, big changes in our family, and all kinds of craziness around here. So this is my simple, easy, 2-week THM menu. You can click this link to view a printable version, where the recipe links are also embedded.

I've talked about this before, but I want to reiterate how much time it saves me to repeat breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. I know that every Wednesday I have soup, and every Sunday I have cottage cheese and berries, etc. Keeping the breakfast, lunch, and snack menus simple and easy saves loads of time. 

I also use Thursday as my cooking day (more about that here and here), so I'll cook up some brown rice, quinoa, and chicken to shred for the rest of the week. Sometimes I make a special dessert, and I usually make a bigger dinner so that we have leftovers. That frees up a lot of time the rest of the week. 

If there's no recipe link included, it's usually a pretty simple meal idea that you can make to your family's tastes with your own favorite ingredients. Or you can scour Pinterest for a great recipe. Either way, hopefully this will give you some ideas! **Note – not all rolled oats are gluten-free. Please check your packaging on EVERY ingredient to make sure that your products are gluten-free before you buy. Bob's Red Mill and Trader Joe's both carry rolled oats safe for Celiacs. 

  Two Week THM Menu   
 BBaked Blueberry Oatmeal (E) from A Home with Purpose BBaked Blueberry Oatmeal (E) from A Home with Purpose
 SGreek yogurt (FP) SGreek yogurt (FP)
SundayLsalad w/ chicken & cheese (S)SundayLsalad w/ chicken & cheese (S)
 Sstring cheese & deli meat (S) Sstring cheese & deli meat (S)
 Dcheeseburgers (no bun) w/ salad (S) DItalian sausages & green beans (S)
 S4 oz. Lily's chocolate bar (S) S4 oz Lily's chocolate bar (S)
 Bprotein shake (S) Bprotein shake (S)
 Shandful of almonds (S) Shandful of almonds (S)
MondayLtuna w/ mayo and romaine lettuce (S)MondayLtuna w/ mayo and romaine lettuce (S)
 S1/2 avocado & deli meat (S) S1/2 avocado & deli meat (S)
 Dgrilled chicken & broccoli w/ cheese (S) DPaleo crockpot meatballs (S)
 STHM Basic Cheesecake (S) STHM Basic Cheesecake (S)
 BPeaches and Cream Oatmeal (E) BPeaches and Cream Oatmeal (E)
 SGreek yogurt (FP) SGreek yogurt (FP)
TuesdayL4 Canadian Bacon Pizzas (S) from WorkingatHomeschoolTuesdayL4 Canadian Bacon Pizzas (S) for WorkingatHomeschool
 S1 oz cheddar & handful of olives (S) S1 oz cheddar & handful of olives (S)
 DCaesar salad w/ grilled chicken (S) Dlow-carb taco soup (S)
 Sleftover cheesecake w/ berries (S) Sleftover cheesecake w/ berries (S)
 Bcottage cheese & berries (FP) Bcottage cheese & berries (FP)
 Sboiled egg w/ salt & pepper (S) Sboiled egg w/ salt & pepper (S)
WednesdayLon-plan Light Progresso Soup (FP)WednesdayLon-plan Light Progresso Soup (FP)
 Sveggies & sour cream dip (S) from Gwen's Nest Sveggies & sour cream dip (S) from Gwen's Nest
 Dbaked chicken and artichokes (S) DPearl's Chili (S)
 Schocolate chip MIM Schocolate chip MIM
 Bscrambled eggs (S) Bscrambled eggs (S)
 Shandful of almonds (S) Shandful of almonds (S)
ThursdayL3/4 cup brown rice w/ chicken breast (E)ThursdayL3/4 cup brown rice w/ chicken breast (E)
 S1/2 avocado & deli meat (S) S1/2 avocado & deli meat (S)
 Dpot roast & veggies (S) from Pioneer Woman Dherb roasted pork & veggies (S)
 S4 oz Lily's chocolate bar (S) S4 oz Lily's chocolate bar (S)
 Bfrittata (S) (make sure all ingredients are low-carb) Bfrittata (S) (make sure all ingredients are low-carb)
 SGreek yogurt (FP) SGreek yogurt (FP)
FridayLFP salad from THM book (FP)FridayLFP salad from THM book (FP)
 S1 oz cheddar & handful of olives (S) S1 oz cheddar & handful of olives (S)
 DSlow-cooked lemon chicken with rice (E) from the Coers Family blog Dcrockpot rice and beans (E) from Stacy Makes Cents
 SShamrock shake (FP) from DashingDish SCake Batter Shake (FP) from DashingDish
 Bleftover frittata (S) Bleftover frittata (S)
 Sboiled egg w/ salt & pepper (S) Sboiled egg w/ salt & pepper (S)
SaturdayLegg salad (S)SaturdayLegg salad (S)
 SGreek yogurt (FP) SGreek yogurt (FP)
 Dtaco salad (S) DCobb Salad (S)
 Schocolate muffin in a mug (S) Schocolate muffin in a mug (S)


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