THM Fuel Cycle Challenge

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It's time for a free THM Fuel Cycle challenge – and this is a good one!

We are completing a group THM Fuel Cycle over in my free Facebook Group and on YouTube!

I have a free printable 7 day packet for this challenge, with a checklist, meal plan, and prep ahead instructions! If you'd like to go for week 2, you can repeat week 1 for more FC benefits!

The free challenge begins February 15!

If you're reading this after the 15th, feel free to do it on your own! Hopefully the resources in the Fuel Cycle Packet will be a huge help. You can shop and start when you can, or join in with the group. Either way, I'd love to hear about your Fuel Cycle!

Enter your information below to join the challenge!

P.S. If you need some extra help with the Fuel Cycle, you can register for my Master the Fuel Cycle Class! This class is just $17. We cover how to make fuel cycles easier, what to expect during the fuel cycle, what to do after a fuel cycle, and a ton more! Plus, this class comes with a second fuel cycle menu and more printables!

You can register here: Master the Fuel Cycle Class

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