Green Challenge – Eat Your Veggies!

As a Certified THM Lifestyle Coach, there is one thing I recommend to EVERYONE – EAT MORE VEGGIES!

There are so many health benefits and weight loss benefits that can come from eating vegetables, and it makes sense! The more veggies you eat, the fewer not-so-great-for-you foods are on your plate.

To re-emphasize the importance of veggies (and see if we can't get the scale moving for stubborn or stuck Trim Healthy Mamas!), I'm hosting a 7 Day Greens Challenge! You can sign up for the free printable below, and feel free to join us in my free Challenge Facebook group here: Unofficial THM Challenge Facebook Group.

Please be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox and keep up with me on YouTube – I'll be sharing tons of on-plan veggie idea lists and more!

This free challenge begins May 9! I'll see you there!

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