Baobab Ideas for Trim Healthy Mamas! #thm #trimhealthymama
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Baobab Ideas for THM

Baobab Ideas for Trim Healthy Mamas! #thm #trimhealthymama


Baobab is an AMAZING superfood recommended by Trim Healthy Mama, and I have been ALL IN since I first heard about it! I made a list of my favorite Trim Healthy Mama Baobab recipes – even though I know it's good for me, in the past I've had a hard time thinking of creative ways to use it. This list has been a huge help and I refer to it often!

According to, “Powdered baobab contains many important nutrients but is especially high in vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, iron and potassium.”

According to Trim Healthy Mama, “baobab offers the highest antioxidant levels of any food on the planet with 2x the calcium of milk, 2x the magnesium and iron of spinach, and 6x the potassium of bananas.” You can learn more about Baobab in the Trim Healthy Mama baobab Superfood Spotlights in THM Poddy #'s 45, 85, 168, and 179. (Pssst – scroll down for the big list of Baobab ideas!).

Even better – Trim Healthy Mama Baobab is excellent quality and often on sale! I buy my baobab here!

Baobab Ideas:

I've made a list of over 30 favorite Baobab recipe ideas to share! You can copy and paste the list below, or sign up at the bottom of this post to get a PDF printable version (with some bonus ideas!) that you can save and refer back to whenever you need some fresh inspiration!

In the list below, “THF” stands for the book Trim Healthy Future.

  • Add baobab to yogurts, shakes, or smoothies
  • Just Like Orange Juice (FP) p. 39 THF
  • Creamy Pina Colada (FP) p. 45 THF
  • Immunity Apple Cider (FP) p. 49 THF
  • Parrot Punch (FP) p. 58 THF
  • Pina Colada Smoothie (S) p. 66 THF
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie (E) p. 72 THF
  • Greenie Meanie Yuck Yum (S, E, FP) p. 78-79 THF
  • Berrylicious Oatmeal (E) p. 101 THF
  • Super Slimming Porridge (S) p. 102 THF
  • Man Worthy Lentil Loaf (E) p. 160-162 THF
  • Navy Seal Soup (S) p. 184 THF
  • Creamy Dreamy Limas (E) p. 192 THF
  • Red Revival Salad (S) p. 212 THF
  • Black is Beautiful Salad (E) p. 214 THF
  • Rescue Soup (FP) p. 223 THF
  • Aunty Pearl's Muffins (E or XO) p. 274 THF
  • Savory Oat Bakes (E) p. 287 THF
  • Simple Sweet Oat Bakes (E) p. 288 THF
  • Strawberry Gummy Worms (FP) p. 300 THF
  • Greenie Meanies p. 314 – 317 THF
  • Cherry Jello (FP) p. 320 THF
  • Berry Boost Roll Ups (FP) p. 326 THF
  • Light N' Lively Hummus (FP) p. 350 THF
  • Orange Sesame Dressing (FP) p. 360 THF
  • Apricot WOW Spread (FP) p. 366 THF
  • Tazincy Dipping and Smothering Sauce (S) p. 382 THF
  • Superfood Chocolate Chews (FP) THM Cookbook (replace cocoa powder with Baobab)
  • Try adding Baobab to:
    • Bai Coconut flavor!
    • Singing Canary
    • GGMS
  • THM's Cherry Berry Baobab Hydrate Mix (FP)
  • THM's Trim Healthy Bar – Strawberry Baobab Bliss (S)

Don't forget THM's Cherry Berry Baobab Hydrates!

THM Hydrates – the Cherry Berry Baobab flavor is my latest favorite! (Please be sure to select the “Cherry Berry Baobab”, not just “Cherry Berry” to get the extra Baobab Boost. I've ordered the wrong one before by accident!)

I LOVE the Hydrates (I ordered one of each of the packets and the bulk mix). You can read about my flavor reviews here: Review of THM Hydrates I have to confess that the Cherry Berry Baobab is my new favorite, but I still love the others!

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