Trim Heathy Mama Hydrates Review

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Are they worth the money?

The short answer is YES.

What are Hydrates?

Trim Healthy Mama Hydrates are little portable packets of flavor you can mix in to your water.
They are sugar-free (of course), and have between 0 and 1 gram of net carbs. For a Drive Thru Sue like me, they are perfect to carry with me and keep in the car.

If you aren't a fan of drinking water plain, I HIGHLY recommend the Trim Healthy Mama Hydrates.

They are absolutely delicious, they are portable, and they are easy to use!

Blue Skies Colada
– this tastes like what I imagine a Pina Colada tastes like. I say “imagine” because I hate coconut and won't drink a Pina Colada. But this is my favorite of the Hydrates! The coconut flavor is smooth and very mild, but this one just tastes SO good – it's a winner!

Lemon Love – this is my second favorite, and reminds me of Country Trim lemonade. When I was a kid, my much older sister (😉) and I used to dip ice cubes in Country Time Lemonade powder and eat it as a snack.

Lemon Love

I still can't believe we did that.

You won't find me doing that with the Trim Healthy Mama Hydrates, but I still recommend them! The lemon packets taste better than the Tru Lemon lemonade packets I've purchased in the past. Love this one!

Cherry Berry is really good, and comes in third place in terms of my favorites. I had really expected this to be my absolute favorite, but I just found it reasonably delicious and not out-of-this-world delicious.

The Variety Pack is the best way to figure out which flavor you like best! I have two of these on hand at all times so I never run out of my favorites. 🙂

I have to be totally honest and say that I didn't love the Orange flavor – it didn't mix well and I think it kind of tastes like Tang, which I do not enjoy.

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  1. I thought I would love Orange, too…but NO! I loved Tang as a kid…I am SO SURPRISED you even know what it tastes like. You are a LOT younger than me, LOL. How are you? I pray for you as the Lord brings you to mind. Love ya!!!

  2. I agree about the orange. I think it has an odd taste. But the others are really good and so convenient!

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