October Challenge to Get 100% on Plan!

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How would you feel if, three months from now, you had been making steady progress towards your goals instead of getting stuck and off-track through the holidays?

Confession time: I'm a total Scrooge and I don't enjoy Christmas music and decorations encroaching on my lovely autumn. But as I've been noticing Christmas decorations already popping up in stores, I've been thinking about how awesome it would feel to be 100% committed and settled into a THM routine, with some great THM habits in place, before the holiday season hits. Thanksgiving is only 7 weeks away, which makes NOW the perfect time to hone our eating habits and work to being 100% committed to Trim Healthy Mama!

As a Certified THM Lifestyle Coach, I'm always looking for ways to inspire my clients to try new things on THM and develop new habits. This month, I thought it would be super fun to challenge ourselves to not only sticking THM 100%, but also to try some fun new ideas to help us on our THM journeys! I've created this challenge to follow every day for 7 days! You can get your copy of the challenge by signing up at the bottom of this post. 

The little mini challenge has 7 daily tasks, designed to help you build healthy habits and stay on plan! This is a very small, simplified version of things that I ask my coaching clients to do – but they are all stepping stones on the path to a successful THM journey!

I really hope this is a fun way for you to work on your THM habits that will help you reach your goals.  

You can sign up below and I'll send the printable 7 day challenge right over! 

P.S. If you're thinking about how awesome it would feel not to have to worry about damage control after the holidays, and  how nice it would feel if you were THAT much closer to goals on January 1, instead of starting over (again), I can help more in a one-on-one setting! I can show you how to have an on-plan, delicious, guilt-free holiday season to enjoy with your family! 

After nearly six years on plan, I've done the holidays both ways – off-plan and on-plan. I can tell you with certainty that the years I've stuck to Trim Healthy Mama 100% through the holiday season have been the BEST! I always felt great, made progress towards my goals, and most importantly – I did NOT feel deprived at all! 

I want to help you get the same guilt-free, healthy holiday experience – with the most delicious THM recipes out there! I'm ready to help you stick to it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with this Holiday Coaching Package. The Holiday Coaching package costs $99 but it's included for FREE with my next 6 Week Bootcamp! You can click here for details: 2019 Holiday Coaching + 6 Week Bootcamp


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