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What to do AFTER a THM Fuel Cycle

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Have you tried a THM Fuel Cycle? AMAZING for breaking through a weight loss stall!

If you've completed a THM Fuel Cycle, you might be thinking, “What's next?”

I was a little afraid to go back to the “normal” way of eating after completing my Fuel Cycle. I just had this terrible feeling that the weight I'd lost was going to come right back on. Of course, you can read here that that wasn't the case. But I did do something unique that made THM a lot easier after the Fuel Cycle, and I think you might enjoy it!

My best tip on what to eat after the Fuel Cycle is over? Eat the same foods you did during the Fuel Cycle! I took my Fuel Cycle Menu and shuffled all of the meals so that I was getting a mix of S, E, and FP for the following week. So instead of solid days in a pattern of Deep S, E, and FP, I took the FP breakfast and moved it towards the beginning of the week, moved a few Deep S meals to the end of the week, and so on. I used the same shopping list and ate the same meals in a different order. 

Mixing up the meals assured me that I was reenforcing the new habits I'd learned during the Fuel Cycle, and took the guess work out of easing back into freestyling. I was still getting a good mix of the fuel types, too. If you are tired of the meals you've been eating, and you want to add more variety you can definitely choose different meals if you want, but the idea is to make it as easy as possible to use the THM Fuels and keep the weight loss benefits coming. 

Here's an example of how my menu looked when I shuffled everything around: 


Breakfast: FP

Lunch: E

Dinner: Deep S


Breakfast: E

Lunch: Deep S

Dinner: E

Breakfast: FP

Lunch: FP

Dinner: Deep S

…and so on.

It's really important to start freestyling on THM after the Fuel Cycle, but this way you ease into it. 

I hope this little tip is helpful for you! If you've completed a Fuel Cycle, don't forget to keep your new habits going as you continue on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan!

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  1. So helpful. Just finished a FC and really didn’t want to just “go back” to my old routine. This is a nice transition. Thx!

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