Holiday Hustle Challenge for Trim Healthy Mamas

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Even if you have the BEST intentions this time of year to stay on plan, get good sleep, and exercise…

It’s easy to let things go off the rails.

The thing is, it’s NORMAL to feel less motivated this time of year — but sticking to a healthy routine will help you feel SO much better.

That’s why this year, I have a simple, FREE Holiday Hustle Challenge for you to set, stick with, and then blow past your goals all month long! The free challenge guide contains a Holiday Hustle Challenge Calendar that begins on January 1! You don't need anything special for this challenge, so you can dive in as soon as you'd like!

Grab your Holiday Hustle Challenge Packet at the bottom of this post.

Inside this free challenge guide, you’ll find:

✅ Healthy eating tips and recommendations

✅ A daily accountability tracker

✅ Simple steps to stay active all season long

This challenge is simple, and totally free – it's just a quick jump start. And even though it doesn't include the daily emails or in-depth guide that come with my paid challenges, I did this challenge myself last year and I think you'll find it a great way to close 2023!

It also includes a contract with yourself to help you establish rewards that keep you moving forward — even when you’re tempted to quit!

You owe it to yourself to start feeling good NOW instead of waiting until Jan. 1st.

So if you’re ready to commit to a happy, healthy holiday season, grab your Holiday Hustle Challenge below.

Here’s to finishing your year stronger and healthier than ever!

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