The Best Cabbage Ideas for Trim Healthy Mamas

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Cabbage Ideas for Trim Healthy Mamas! #thm #trimhealthymama

Since Pearl mentioned cabbage as a powerhouse on the THM Poddy, it's become very popular! I've found some ways to incorporate cabbage into my meals almost daily, and I've seen some fantastic benefits!

I made a list of cabbage recipes a few years ago, but I've updated and expanded it to include new favorites.

If you want to pack more veggies into your diet, or take advantage of the health benefits of this superfood, here are some delicious ideas to get you started!

Main Dishes

Spicy Egg Roll in a Bowl from The Well Planned Kitchen
Low-Carb Italian Cabbage Casserole from My Montana Kitchen

Southern Fried Cabbage with Bacon from Wholesome Yum
Low-Carb Reuben in a Bowl from My Montana Kitchen
Stuffed Cabbage in a Bowl from A Home with Purpose
Beef and Cabbage Joe's from Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved
Cheesy Sausage and Cabbage Skillet from My Montana Kitchen

Low Carb Cheesy Cabbage Casserole

Soups and Stews

Cabbage Roll Soup from Nana's Little Kitchen
Cabbage and Sausage Stew from Oh Sweet Mercy
Favorite Soup from Briana Thomas
Slow Cooker Italian Soup and Cabbage from Darcie's Dish
Keto Cabbage Soup from Joy Filled Eats

Happy Harvest Soup from Briana Thomas
Beefy Cabbage Soup from Around the Family Table

Side Dishes

Probiotic Cabbage from Briana Thomas
Cabbage Steaks from Allrecipes.com
Zesty, Low-Carb Jalapeno Coleslaw from Traditional Cooking School
Roasted Cabbage from Yellow Glass Dish
Colorful Coleslaw from Mrs. Criddle's Kitchen
Viva Mexico Cabbage Salad from From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Italian Roasted Cabbage Slices

Bonus Ideas

I really enjoy using cabbage in salads, and I'll often slice red/purple cabbage and dip it in ranch dressing for a quick snack! Of course, since I'm a Trim Healthy Mama I anchor my meals and snacks with protein, but cabbage can be pretty simple and tasty!

I've also recently been experimenting with using cabbage instead of noodles in lasagna – it sounds a little interesting, but it works! I boil the cabbage head for about 35 minutes, let it cool, then pull off the cabbage leaves and layer it in the lasagna in place of noodles. This has worked well with green cabbage, but I haven't tried it with purple cabbage yet. I also make sure I core the cabbage and discard the hard center.

I also like to sauté sliced cabbage in bacon grease with salt and pepper – so simple, but so tasty!

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