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Grab and Go THM Snacks

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Want some super easy, no-prep snack ideas for Trim Healthy Mama?

It happens to everyone – we go out of the house, thinking we have plenty of time to get back before our next meal or snack, then BOOM – something happens to delay our return home.

At that point we either have to get something out to eat because we are very hungry, or we get home and don't have time to cook so we grab whatever's convenient – and a good percentage of the time, that is something that's not very healthy for us.

As a Certified THM Lifestyle Coach, I am asked nearly every day for snack ideas that don't require prep time. I think that one critical key to success on THM is making your THM options EASIER than going off-plan – keeping super fast snacks on hand is one way to do that!

My clients get to hear all about the super easy snacks I've ever come up with, but I thought it would be helpful to put it all down on paper – and I wanted to share it with you!

I keep these stocked in my car and in my bag, but it's so nice to know that I'm never stuck without a healthy choice – if I run out, I can run out to the store and pick something up instead of heading to a drive through!

Grab and Go Snack Ideas

Non-Perishable Snacks

Moon Cheese (S)- this is my favorite of all of my grab and go snacks. I have to exercise some serious self-restraint with these bad boys, but they are SO good, and SO easy! I used to keep a bag in the car, but my kids would eat them all so now I have to hide them. Watch the serving sizes on these, please! I usually buy these at Kroger or Target, but from time to time I can get a better price on Amazon.

Nuts (S) – you don't want to over do cheese or nuts, but again, if you're in a hurry and this is easier than going off-plan, nuts definitely have a place in your THM lifestyle!

I love pistachios, but I all also reach for cashews or almonds. Again sometimes I grab some on Amazon, but I also like to get the store brands from the grocery store because they can be less expensive.

Collagen (FP) and Fruit (E) – these are TRULY grab and go – I keep collagen packets and Bai drinks in my car for a quick and easy protein (or sometimes I'll run into a coffee shop and get a hot tea to stir the collagen into), and I'll often grab a piece of fruit on my way out the door.

Bai tea (or a coffee shop hot tea with stevia) + collagen + an apple = great E snack!

Skinny Pop Popcorn (E) – This is a good E snack to grab, but again, you'll want some protein to go with it! I'll use my collagen and tea lean protein with this one, as well. I usually find the best deals for Skinny Pop on Amazon, but sometimes they go on sale at Costco, too.

Lily's Chocolate Bars or THM Chocolate Bars (S)- these are PERFECT for times when I know I'll be around unhealthy desserts, like a birthday party. Again, you'll want some protein with these!

I also love to pick up individually portioned olives, Oh Snap! brand individually packaged pickles, and foil pre-portioned season tuna packages from the grocery store.

Refrigerated Snacks

If you have access to a refrigerator at work, or can grab something from the refrigerator at home and eat it on your way, I like to keep the following stocked at home:

  • P3 portable protein packs (S) (you don't want the bigger packages because those have chocolate covered nuts and dried fruits that aren't on-plan. Instead, grab the smaller packages with just nuts, cheese, and eat.
  • Lean deli meat (FP) – a few slices of lean deli meat is a great, quick protein.
  • Hard-boiled eggs (S) – you can grab pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs at the grocery store and keep them ready for a quick snack! I frequently eat just the white for a lean protein with a piece of fruit for an E.
  • Salami & Cheese (S)
  • These Protein Boxes take a few minutes prep, but it's so worth it to make these once a week and grab one on your way out the door!

Those are my favorite super easy grab and go snacks – I hope you enjoy them, too! If you want a free printable “S” snack idea list, you can grab one by signing up below!

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  1. I definitely need to work on having good snacks for on the go. These ideas are great! Thank you!

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