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New! Printable Shopping Lists for April/May Gluten-Free THM Menu!

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If you've been waiting for the shopping lists that go with 31 Days of Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Trim Healthy Mama for April/May, here they are! These shopping lists feed my family of six, but it would very easy to adjust for a smaller or larger family just by reducing or increasing meat and dairy.

Free Printable Shopping List


Please make sure to start with the “Read Me First” document, linked again below, or you will be buying way too much food. The “Read Me First” section explains what to cross off of each shopping list so that you don't over-buy.

The Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page gets super busy, and there are lots of changes afoot there, so if you've found my blog there please follow me here so you get all of my meal plans and shopping lists as they become available.

Here is the printable Meal Plan that goes with these shopping lists: 31 Day Printable Meal Plan. Don't forget to check all of the recipe links and tweaks HERE: New for April/May 31 Days of GF SF Trim Healthy Mama Meals

Here are the printable shopping lists:

Read Me First!

Week 1 Shopping List

Week 2 Shopping List

Week 3 Shopping List

Week 4 Shopping List

Just a note: There was originally a Quinoa Taco Salad lunch idea included on this menu, but the link was no longer working so I removed from both the menu and the shopping list.

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Or, if you want more meal ideas, I have another list of 31 Gluten-Free Trim Healthy Mama Meals with printable shopping lists: 31 Gluten-Free Trim Healthy Mama Meals



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  1. I’m trying to open the New for April/May 31 Days of GF SF Trim Healthy Mama Meals link but I’m getting a 404 error saying the link is not found. Same thing on the 31 Gluten-Free Trim Healthy Mama Meals.

    1. Candice I’m so sorry! I think it’s fixed now. If you have any more problems please let me know.

  2. My girls have food intolerances and shopping is a nightmare (in general). That is why I really enjoy pre-made lists and printables for this occasion. Thank you for taking the time to make a Gluten Free shopping list for your readers!

  3. Thank you ever so much for all of the work you put into these menu plans/shopping lists! I’m a mom to four, and work full-time, so to have someone else figure out what the heck I’m making for dinner is WONDERFUL!

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! I have another week of $7 dinners and more menus coming soon!

  4. I am having a problem opening up the link to the grocery lists. I’ve tried different ones and they will not open.

    1. I’ve just checked them all and they are working for me, I’m sorry I’m not sure what the problem is. They are all PDF files. Maybe if you try from a different computer?

      1. I found the THM friendly recipe. Just had to look a little farther at the recipe sight. Thanks.

        1. Oh my goodness, Jackie, I’m so sorry your comment got buried and I didn’t see it! I’m glad you found the recipe, she has two versions and I see how that could be confusing! I’m sorry again!

  5. I just came across your site today. I’ve loved looking through all your THM meal plans and meal ideas.
    I tried to open the April/May meal plan and the link goes to a 404 error. Is it still available?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! It’s broken and I’m trying to get it up and running again. I have lots of other meal plans that should download just fine. I promise I’m trying to fix this one right now!

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