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Trim Healthy Mama printable Costco list

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Gluten-Free, Healthy, Real-Food Trim Healthy Mama Shopping List for Costco!
Gluten-Free, Healthy, Real-Food Trim Healthy Mama Shopping List for Costco!

I really needed a printable Costco list for Trim Healthy Mama, so I made one…and I'm sharing it with you! I'm at Costco far more than I'd like, so I thought maybe that happens to you, too, and you'd like some tips on what to buy there, and a printable list to save you some time. Of course, I mainly don't like to go because one of my kids invariably breaks something/gets lost/screams/re-enacts a scene from Frozen/eats all of the samples, but maybe you don't have those problems and Costco is a joy for you to visit. Either way, I get a ton of my Trim Healthy Mama staples at Costco, and I thought that I'd share my list for someone who might need some ideas for what to buy. The printable list is at the bottom of this post. Click the blue “Download” button for a printable PDF. 

Back to this list – I don't buy ALL of these things every time we go, because that would break the budget! But I get at least a few of these from each category, and some staples (like the almond flour) last a LONG time. I know this list doesn't cover every THM item that Costco carries, but this is what I like to buy (sans diapers, wipes, cleaning items, paper products, etc.). 

If you're just getting started with THM, PLEASE don't feel like you HAVE to buy all of these items – this is a big list, and you don't need all of it! This is just to give you ideas. THM is a VERY affordable way of eating  – we eat very inexpensively with this $100 Weekly Meal Plan for a family of 6, and $7 Dinners Part 1 and $7 Dinners Part 2

If you need a printable shopping list for Trader Joe's, click HERE

Here's a printable shopping list! I hope it's helpful!

Costco Printable THM Shopping List Download

P.S. – I buy 505 Green Chile at Costco, so it's on this shopping list, but some of these jars include rice flour, which is NOT on plan. So if you follow THM, I'd look for a bottle without rice flour to stay on plan. 

P.P.S. – I also wanted to point out that oats are not on this list, although they are a useful THM item, because I can never find GF oats at Costco. We buy them at Trader Joe's instead. 

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