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No Prep THM Snacks

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Quick, easy, healthy - no prep snacks for THM! These are Grab & Go!

Do THM snacks trip you up? I've gotten snacks down to a science now – I know exactly what to buy, and what to eat at home, and what to eat when I'm out and about. But that DEFINITELY wasn't always the case!  Even when I started to eat the Trim Healthy Mama way, I used to drive through for a burger even when I knew I shouldn't! I justified it by saying that I just didn't have time for anything else.

Now, I know better. I made these lists of snacks based on my own lack of self-control. I know that if I have just one burger at a drive-through, I'll justify more cheating and unhealthy foods.

In the list below you'll see a bunch of shelf-stable items – I really recommend stocking up on those and keeping some in your car or purse for last minute ideas!

Here are a few of my favorite no-prep snacks – please make sure you add lean proteins to snacks as needed! THM recommends protein as the base of each meal or snack:

Several years ago, I made a quick video to show how I pair the foods and what fuels they are for those of you who are visual learners! I hope this helps you out:


I didn't mention some of the other very convenient foods at the store: Skinny Pop (THM E, but only in small portions. I usually grab the 100 calorie bags), deli meat, pre-boiled eggs (although I'm not brave enough to buy boiled eggs straight from the store), pre-grilled chicken, and pre-sliced veggie trays. 

I also have a list of 31 more THM Snacks if you need some extra inspiration: 31 THM Snack Ideas

I hope these are helpful to keep you snacking well! Do you have favorite snacks? I'd love to hear about your go-to options in the comments!

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