15 Fast & Effective Home Workout Programs

Exercise is not always the most fun way to spend your time, but it is always worth the effort!

Trim Healthy Mama exercise is not always easy to navigate, but it is more necessary than we think! I remember when I had been stuck at around 12 pounds from my goal weight in my first round of THM and nothing was helping, UNTIL I added some exercise in. I loved that I started losing inches a lot faster with my new exercise routine, and it seemed to supercharge my THM results!

These exercise recommendations are not all necessarily for beginners, but I've marked some beginner-friendly options in the list below.

If you've been exercising for awhile and don't like repeating workouts, numbers 1-3 on the list below are winners! Of course I have to mention that you should run any new exercise program by your doctor before you start.

YouTuber Heather Robertson has a totally free 12 week workout program, and it. is. awesome. I love that I don't get bored with these! Each workout is 28-45 minutes long, which is pretty close to THM's recommendations! I stop working out once I get to about the 30 minute mark, so you may want to set a timer. If you follow THM's recommendation to not overexercise you may want to skip one or two of the five workouts she posts for each week.

I just love that this program is free, and it's such an incredible program that it's almost hard to believe she isn't charging for it!

The same goes for other workouts – we really want to avoid overexercising because we don't want to raise cortisol levels, so Trim Healthy Mama's recommendations in the THM plan book are REALLY excellent to follow. I recommend that my Bootcamp clients follow THM's guidelines for exercise when using any of these programs, whether it be cutting a workout down to fit into the time recommended or completing fewer workouts per week.

My current favorite, Movement with Julie, has a 30 minute strength training option that I use. I also skip the Wednesday cardio workout – I use Wednesday as a rest day, and since I walk every day I don't feel the need for extra cardio.

Fair warning – I'm sitting at Starbucks working on this list and I'm pretty sore in some – ahem – rather interesting places. These workouts are all fantastic, and I love that I am pushing my boundaries a bit without overdoing it. I love the progress I've seen in losing inches even when I'm at goal weight.

I have personally tried each of the programs below and enjoyed each one!

My Favorite Workout Programs

  1. YouTuber Caroline Girvan (free) – you may have heard about this one on the THM Podcast! I was thrilled to hear Pearl mention this one!
  2. Movement with Julie (paid app – this is what I'm currently using, and I love it – it's at my own pace, which helps me to be sure I'm not rushing through a workout and potentially raising cortisol levels). Please note that there is a YouTube channel with the same name, but that's not the one I'm referring to! I use the app only.
  3. YouTuber Heather Robertson's 12 Week Programs (free – multiple 12 week programs available)
  4. YouTuber MadFit (free)
  5. Trim Healthy Mama Workins (there is a cost for this one, but there's a digital version available too)
  6. Pretty Fierce Workouts
  7. Fit2B – this one is GREAT for deep core work, recovery after babies, and AWESOME as a gentle start for beginners to exercise no matter your age!
  8. Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred
  9. Turbo Jam
  10. BurstFit with Dr. Josh Axe
  11. Focus 25 (this is an INTENSE program from BeachBody. I only recommend doing this if you are at goal and you know your cortisol levels are strong! This is one I especially don't want to overdo)
  12. Fitness Blender (free on YouTube)
  13. Yoga with Adrienne (free on YouTube)
  14. Walking Away the Pounds (free on YouTube)
  15. T-Tapp

Happy exercising!

If you need something gentler or just want something different, I have lots of other recommendations in these blogposts:

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