7 Day Fuel Pull Challenge

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Do you incorporate enough FP's into your Trim Healthy Mama journey?

After years of being a Certified THM Lifestyle Coach, one observation I've made is that so many of us tend to forget our FP's!

Fuel Pulls are a neutral, healthy fuel type on Trim Healthy Mama. On February 1, we are going to get reacquainted with this powerhouse meal type. I'll share lists of my favorites and a bunch of recommendations along with tips for making and incorporating them. We'll work together to work those FP's in and enjoy them!

What are Trim Healthy Mama FP's?

When we build our Trim Healthy Mama meals, we typically focus on choosing either a healthy, plan-approved carb source (E) or a healthy, plan-approved fat source (S) with a protein source to make a meal.

In an FP, we strip it back – pulling those fuel sources until your left with a lightly balanced, healthy meal. The Trim Healthy Mama book explains that when used wisely, these meals can help your body to burn fat its own fat as fuel.

What will we be doing in the 7 Day FP Challenge?

In this 7 Day Challenge, we'll be re-acquainting ourselves with FP meals. I'll be giving you a whole lot of Trim Healthy Mama FP ideas, and we'll work on FP meal prep, FP grab and go options, the ins an outs of when and how to incorporate FP's, and so much more!

How do I sign up for the free FP Challenge and access the Trim Healthy Mama FP ideas?

Just sign up below! You'll get the initial printable schedule first, then tons of FP meal and snack ideas, along with plenty of tips, throughout the challenge!

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