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Time for a confession – when I first started Trim Healthy Mama in 2012, FP's barely registered. I was allllll about the S meals! I threw in some E's several times a week, and my post-baby-number-four 29-year-old body thrived. I drank my Good Girl Moonshine, ate only homemade food (there was next to nothing available at the store back then…keto wasn't really a thing), and got to goal weight and then some in several months.

Sigh. Those were the days. 🤣 Seriously, though, I know I was helping my body out BIG TIME. Quitting sugar was the best choice I've ever made for myself, and after all of this time on plan, I'm still SO incredibly thankful for Trim Healthy Mama. It changed my body, mind, and health and continues to be my lifestyle 100%.

But as time has gone on, I've needed to learn to nourish my body differently. Baby number five came along, and with TONS of life stress I didn't lose the weight as easily. I had to address some health and hormonal concerns, and finally figured out that the wisdom of Trim Healthy Mama is best taken as a WHOLE. For me, that meant that skating by without FP's and with too few E's just didn't work anymore. I NEED the E's! I NEED the FP desserts, and FP's in general! Being fully on plan for me means truly embracing the plan – including (at this stage of life) at least 12 E's per week and a hefty dose of FP's sprinkled in there, too!

Using Trim Healthy Mama to get to my goal weight and to STAY Trim and Healthy is fun…and tasty…and I still absolutely love the way I eat. Since I'm a busy mom with five kids at home, working full time, I needed a go-to list of desserts that I could make ahead.

One of my many keys to success on THM is being prepared. (if you're a Drive Thru Sue who doesn't meal prep, that's totally OK – I've taught thousands of Trim Healthy Mamas how to stock up with store bought items and 5-10 minute recipes so they don't have to spend hours in the kitchen! Just stick around for more!). If you need some help with FP's, I have a 7 Day FREE FP Challenge starting soon – I'll be giving tons of printables plus FP ideas for Drive Thru Sue's! You can click here for more info!

Fortunately, this list of FP-friendly ideas includes plenty of ideas to prep ahead. With this list, I can have an FP-friendly treat to grab after an E dinner or anytime I'm choosing a wiser, more slimming approach. Just swapping out a few Heavy S desserts per week can make a huge difference in your weight loss journey – I've seen it work many times!

I've been choosing one make-ahead recipe from this list each week and mixing it up while I'm already in the kitchen making dinner. That way dessert is ready after dinner and I have plenty of leftovers throughout the week – it's a win win!

I also have a YouTube playlist of FP-friendly tips, videos, and recipes if you need more ideas! You can copy and paste list below, or download my printable list with over 250+ FP-friendly recipes at the bottom of this post.

In the list below, you'll see some pudding and mousse recipes. I like to double or triple those and then freeze the extra portions. When it comes to the single serve recipes, make sure you double/triple as desired!

Please be sure to follow FP instructions on each recipe if indicated:

  1. ‘Mazing Marshmallows p. 379 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  2. From Trim Healthy Table please be sure to follow FP instructions on the recipes):
  3. Incredible Peanut Butter Cookie Muffin with Handy Chocolate Syrup p.371 Trim Healthy Table
  4. Singing Canary Gummies p. 419 Trim Healthy Table
  5. Good Girl Moonshine Gummies p. 420 Trim Healthy Table
  6. Shrinker Gummies p. 421 Trim Healthy Table
  7. Instant Cookie Dough Protein Bar p. 428 (this is a single serve, so to truly make it a “make ahead” option I'll triple the recipe) Trim Healthy Table
  8. Miracle Mousse Makeover p. 444 Trim Healthy Table**
  9. Singing Canary Pops p. 446 Trim Healthy Table
  10. Butterfly Wings Cake p. 301 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  11. Banana Meringue p. 317 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  12. Peanut Gems p. 319 (only 1-2 cookies) Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  13. Not Naughty Rice Pudding p. 349* Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  14. Berry Bready Pudding p. 356* Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  15. Glycine Glory Pudding p. 348* Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  16. Lemon Pucker Gummies p. 387 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  17. Tummy Spa Ice cream p. 361 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  18. Berry Yummy Gummies p. 388 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  19. Gluccie Puddings p. 350 and 351* Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  20. Tummy Tucking Ice cream p. 363 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  21. Chocolate Mint Cupcakes p. 277 Trim Healthy Future
  22. Strawberry Gummy Worms p. 300 Trim Healthy Future
  23. Spicy Candied Ginger p. 306 Trim Healthy Future
  24. Cherry Jello p. 320 Trim Healthy Future
  25. Berry Boost Roll Ups p. 326 Trim Healthy Future
  26. Berry Crumble just 1/6 of the E option for this recipe can work in an FP) p. 330 Trim Healthy Future
  27. Jigglegurt (FP) p. 345 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  28. Superfood Chocolate Chews p.382-383 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.
  29. My Montana Kitchen's Chocolate Peanut Butter https://mymontanakitchen.com/chocolate-peanut-butter/
  30. Strawberry Muffin p.281 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  31. Cinnamon Swirl WWBB p. 256 Trim Healthy Table

    *I find that the puddings and the mouse recipes only do well in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, so these barely squeaked into the “Make Ahead” FP category! Most of these are better if you double and freeze.
    ** Miracle Mousse is DEFINITELY better doubled and frozen!

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