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THM and Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu

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Do you want a deliciously amazing holiday menu that can actually help you slim down? This is the one for you!

I created this menu last year as a tweak to a previous healthy THM-style menu and it did not disappoint! This menu is similar to those I've used in previous years with one big change – I started making sprouted rolls (E) to make Thanksgiving a THM crossover meal.

That pretty much means I'm not missing ANYTHING with this menu – I have delicious turkey and gravy, two kinds of casserole, mashed cauliflower (using Paula Deen's recipe, because if anyone can do mashed cauliflower right, it's her!), and soft buttered rolls. Then for dessert we have pumpkin pie, an “apple” crisp, and delicious chocolate fudge crumb bars. I'm not kidding, last year's on-plan Thanksgiving felt just like the Thanksgivings I used to have off-plan – except I felt great afterwards!

A completely delicious, sugar-free Thanksgiving is a win! Plus, there's something to be said for guilt-free leftovers!

I created a printable menu packet and listed all of the ingredients for you to make shopping easier. I normally make my printable Trim Healthy Mama grocery lists so they are organized by sections at the grocery store, but this list is organized by recipe. Since there are so many family-favorite Thanksgiving recipes out there I thought it would be easier for you this way!

What about leftovers?

If you need ideas for Trim Healthy Mama-friendly turkey leftovers, I have a printable idea sheet you can check out here: Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

What should I do if someone else is cooking, or I can't eat on-plan for Thanksgiving?

If you do go off-plan for Thanksgiving, I've got you covered! The best way to get back on plan and get rid of those cravings is by eating Deep S meals. I've created a printable plan to help you out! You can snag my printable Thanksgiving Recovery Plan here! Thanksgiving Recovery Meal Plan

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