Instant Pot just 50% off!

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Instant Pot Duo on Sale for $49 today!

I ❤️ my Instant Pot and use it ALL THE TIME. Brown rice in 22 minutes? Done. Frozen chicken cooked all the way through in about 20 minutes? Done. This thing is a lifesaver both for food prep AND for last minute meals!

If I had a dollar for every time I've forgotten to thaw meat for dinner I could buy a dozen Instant Pots. 😂 I could actually buy two dozen today because they are half price on Amazon!

This is my affiliate link – I paid the full $99 for my Instant Pot Duo and it was worth every penny! I don't know why they brought back their Black Friday pricing for this one but I would jump on it if I didn't already have one!

This is the exact model I have, and it gets nearly daily use at my house:

These make great gifts, too! I don't know how long this price will last but it's the lowest I've seen. 🙂

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