August – Week 2 Shopping List

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Free printable shopping list for a 31 Day Menu! THM, gluten-free, healthy!


I've got a birthday party, a broken-down car, and a teething baby ahead of me today, so I'll keep this short and sweet! 🙂

Here is the Week 2 Shopping List for the full printable August Menu.

Here are the resources I used for this menu: 

Resources I Use:

Keep an eye out for week 3, coming soon! 

August Week 2 Shopping List

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  1. I just found your website and am excited for some help with the THM lifestyle! I’m a little confused though….I see the menu for october but when I look at the shopping list for week one, it doesn’t say which recipes those ingredients are for. Am I missing something? I sincerely apologize if this is a stupid question! Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Kelly! There are two shopping lists – the monthly list is attached to the menu, and the weekly list is on the blog post. The weekly list says (day 1) or whatever day the ingredient goes with in parenthesis next to the ingredient. So, for example, if I’m having spaghetti squash with meat sauce on day 5, I’ll see spaghetti squash (day 5), ground beef (day 5), and tomato sauce (day 5) on the shopping list.Of course, if any of the recipes don’t appeal to you, you can just cross off all of the ingredients for that day’s dinner.

      If it doesn’t specify which day the ingredient is for, that means it goes with breakfast or lunch. I didn’t assign days to breakfasts and lunches so you can choose when you want to eat them. I hope that helps!

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