My New Favorite Home Exercise Program

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Exercise is not always the most fun way to spend your time, but it is always worth the effort!

Trim Healthy Mama exercise is not always easy to navigate, but it is more necessary than we think! I remember when I had been stuck at around 12 pounds from my goal weight in my first round of THM and nothing was helping, UNTIL I added some exercise in. I loved that I started losing inches a lot faster with my new exercise routine, and it seemed to supercharge my THM results!

This exercise recommendation is not for beginners, but if you've been exercising for awhile and don't like repeating workouts, this one is a winner! Of course I have to mention that you should run any new exercise program by your doctor before you start.

YouTuber Heather Robertson has a totally free 12 week workout program, and it. is. awesome. I love that I haven't gotten bored at all!

A church friend recommended this program and I'm on week 4 of the 12 weeks. Each workout is 28-34 minutes long, which is pretty close to THM's recommendations! If you follow THM's recommendation to not overexercise you may want to skip one or two of the five workouts she posts for each week. I haven't been skipping any, but I am used to working out and my cortisol levels are pretty steady right now so I'm feeling OK with it.

I just love that this program is free, and it's such an incredible program that it's almost hard to believe she isn't charging for it!

Fair warning – I'm sitting at Starbucks working on this email and I'm pretty sore in some – ahem – rather interesting places. But I love that, and I love the progress I've seen in losing inches even when I'm at goal weight.

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  1. You should also try out Nourish Move Love! She’s another amazing trainer, who is also a believer, who posts free Youtube workouts!

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