Master THM Basics Class

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One of the defining features of my Six Week Bootcamp is the women who lose weight during our six weeks in ways they haven't seen before.

Maybe they've been on plan for awhile and lost at first but then it stopped…or maybe they've never lost weight the way they expected to.

Why does this happen?

In many cases I can see RIGHT AWAY what the problem is. For the past four years I've spent hours every day reviewing food journals for my clients, and I've learned exactly what to look for.

In this class, you'll learn the common culprits when it comes to mistakes on plan. We'll go over the most essential THM basics so you can make sure you're following the plan the way it was written!

This class is perfect for beginners or for those recommitting to THM!

I know there are LOTS of back to school expenses right now (believe me – I'm a single mom of five and I am FEELING IT! 😅), so I'm only charging $2 for this class! Yes, that includes unlimited replays and the class printables! I hope this class is a blessing to you!

Space is limited, so please register right away if you're interested to claim your spot!

You can sign up below, then you'll be automatically redirected to the website with the link to watch the class immediately and download your free printables + bonus printables – including over 275 FP meal ideas and THM meal planning resources!

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