My Favorite Collagen for THM

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If there was ONE THING that I would say makes all the difference for staying on-plan when I'm out of the house, it's this – pre-packaged collagen.

Amazon is having a huge sale on these today!
I just placed an order for another container of these collagen packets because they are a lifesaver!

Collagen peptides – my favorite lean protein!

There is a $5 off Amazon coupon for these travel packets of collagen! I haven't seen a full $5 off of these before! You'll want to clip the coupon and then add it to the cart – it should work for a regular purchase even though it says it applies to Subscribe & Save. (P.S. – I can't guarantee prices, coupons, or availability, but this deal is still going as far as I know!).

I always keep at least one in my purse, one in my car snack bag, and regular collagen in my car.

These individually-portioned packets are just so convenient! With these collagen packets I have an easy, no-prep lean protein that I can add to any beverage. I keep a Bai tea in my snack bag and I'll pour about half of one of these packets in, put the lid back on, and shake it really well.

Another favorite (if I have room left in the budget) is to get a Peach Tranquility hot tea from Starbucks (I ask for it plain and add the monkfruit packets of sweetener myself).

Those drinks are FP. Sometimes that's all I'll have, but sometimes I'll add a piece of fruit like an apple or an orange to make it an E snack.

The point is to have something easy AND easily accessible to keep me from going off-plan, especially when I'm out of the house!

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