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February Printable Trim Healthy Mama Menu

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Full printable menu for Trim Healthy Mama! THM, Gluten-Free, healthy meal plan with shopping lists.


It's February! I love February. Spring is around the corner, but it's still cozy enough for sweaters and fireplaces and boots. When I put together this Trim Healthy Mama Menu, I realized that I still have a lot of soups included, and I'm using my crockpot a ton to make things easier. I just realized, though, that I have to wash my crockpot a lot when I do crockpot-heavy menus (this may seem obvious to you, but since I hate washing my crockpot, it bothers me). Like every day. Which makes me feel like just buying a second crockpot. Which makes me feel really lazy, and guilty, so I won't be buying a second crockpot. Just know that I want to. 

To download this meal plan, please click the blue button two paragraphs down that says “Download Weekly Meal Plan for February.” You can sign up for the free shopping lists at the very bottom of the post! 

Remember, if these meals don't look good to you, don't worry – I have TONS AND TONS of meal plans and printables available here. I've blogged my way through about two years of eating gluten-free the Trim Healthy Mama way, so there's lots to look at!



This month's menu doesn't have a monthly overview, just instructions and weekly menus for the entire month of February (please scroll to the very bottom for access to the shopping lists!):

Download Weekly Meal Plan for February

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Important: My server tends to get crazy and shut down on me when I have big files available for download, so the only solution I've been able to find is to send part of the file via email instead. Of course, it's still totally free! If you want the free shopping lists that go with this menu, just enter your email address below and I'll email them to you. 🙂


Free Shopping Lists for February's Menu

Sign up to receive February's complete shopping lists right away!

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  1. I just saw this posted in the THM FB group. As a mom of a recently gluten free and longtime dairy free family who has recently started THM I am so excited to try your menu plan! Thank you! I’m looking forward to looking around site!

  2. I’m just starting this diet plan for my husband. These look great. Thank You for all of the hard work you obviously put into this. you make it so easy.

  3. I started my diet in October 2016 and have lost 38 pounds. I’m so glad to find you on this link because I can have a variety of meals now. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for this post! Did you mean to say “compliant” as in goes along with, or “complaint” as in complaining? LOL! sorry, just sometimes notice spelling errors and hope you don’t mind that I pointed it out to you! Thank you for all you do!

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