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Burrata – my favorite new low-carb snack

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Burrata - my favorite new low-carb snack! This is an "S" for Trim Healthy Mamas

Have you heard of burrata? I just found it a few weeks ago, and I am LOVING IT! I found it at Trader Joe's, and it's SO GOOD. My husband has spent some time in Italy, and I was surprised to hear that mozzarella is often served there with bread, almost as a buttery topping. He would spread it on bread with breakfast, and said that nothing he has tried here in the U.S. has been the same – until now. Burrata – my favorite new low-carb snack – has become a gluten-free, delicious hero in my kitchen. 

When I saw it at our local Kroger, I was intrigued – but it was 9.99 for two balls of the stuff. Then I saw the same size package at Trader Joe's for around $4, and I had to try it. I wasn't disappointed! This is a creamy, spreadable mozzarella (my understanding is that it's basically mozzarella and cream) and it has become my favorite ZERO carb snack! I love to pour a tiny a mount of good quality olive oil over it, grind some fresh pepper over it, and eat it with THM Swiss Crackers (the recipe is in their new cookbook). Or I toss it with tomatoes and fresh basil. Or add it to my favorite salad. Or use it as a pizza topping for a Trim Healthy pizza. The possibilities are endless. 🙂 This is an “S” ingredient for Trim Healthy Mamas. Please check your ingredients, though – I've seen only one package that had added sugar, so make sure there is no sugar or carbs in the burrata you buy!

I just wanted to introduce my new favorite snack to you – are you already on the burrata bandwagon? Am I late to the party? Either way, I”m glad I have it now. If you've tried it, what do you think about it? I've only seen it at Trader Joe's and Kroger, but I'd love to know if it's available elsewhere! 


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