5 things you can do at home to make a difference in Iraq

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What we can do to help the situation in Iraq

*Warning: This post contains graphic descriptions*

“Crisis” is putting it mildly. My heart has been broken for the Christians in Iraq, suffering unspeakable persecution. I couldn't bear to include some of the pictures I've seen, but you can easily find them online. Christian children are being murdered. 500 people were executed (some of them buried alive) on Monday. Others are dying of thirst. Parents are watching their children murdered, and wives and daughters are being raped, tortured, and killed. While I was relieved to see that some stories of children being beheaded have not been substantiated, the relief was short-lived as I read story after story of a brutality that's difficult to comprehend. 

I've struggled deeply with how to pray about this. I know many of my friends and family have been crying out to God, feeling helpless. It's difficult to complain about the trivial things going on in my life when others are losing the fight to stay alive, and being systematically slaughtered for their faith.

As I prayed last night, I thought of what I would ask for, were I an Iraqi woman suffering such terrible atrocities. Prayers are powerful, and a blessing, and an encouragement. But to someone suffering in such horrifying ways, more is needed. These people need water. They need food. They need military help. I feel called to back my prayers with some action, as little as it may seem. These are the best ways I've been able to find to do something to help the people in Iraq: 

1. Give! Crisis Response International is in Iraq right now, sharing Christ and bringing relief. Giving to an organization actually on the ground is one of the best ways I can think of to help. They were recommended by the Christian Defense Coalition, who has first-hand knowledge and experience in Iraq. 

2. Contact Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell, and beg/plead/demand for more US involvement! The United States is NOT DOING ENOUGH to stop the slaughter of our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq.

Speaker John Boehner: http://www.speaker.gov/Contact/
Twitter: @johnboehner
Senator Mitch McConnell:
Twitter:        @mcconnellpress

3. Contact national news stations and demand more coverage of the genocide in Iraq. Let's help to raise awareness nationwide:


4. Get your kids involved! I have been praying with mine, but after speaking to our friend Pat Mahoney from the Christian Defense Coalition, he suggested having kids write letters to the Iraqi refugee children to encourage and uplift them. Many have lost parents, siblings, and their homes. They have witnessed things that no child should ever have to see. I think that the suggestion is a great one! Letters can be mailed to:


Attention: Letters for Refugees

P.O. Box 486
Arvada, Co 80001

These letters will be sent on to children from Iraq within the next few weeks. 

5. Pray. Still incredibly important, be in constant prayer for the people of Iraq, for the politicians who can make a difference, and for new ideas to help in any way we can.

Reading over this list…it seems so meager, doesn't it? It's all I could come up with, but I'd definitely like to add more to the list. I want to do everything I can, even if it doesn't seem like much. Do you have any ideas to add to the list?

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