The Best Podcasts for Homeschool Moms

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The best Podcasts for Homeschool Moms

My eyes have been opened. I have discovered a whole new world of podcasts that I didn't know existed, and it's all thanks to you. 

I thought I had been listening to great podcasts, and I had been. I put them together in a blog post so that you (and I) could reference them easily and enjoy them – click here to check out the Best Podcasts for Moms. But my readers had suggestions for more EXCELLENT podcasts, and I've been binge-listening ever since!

If you're not familiar with podcasts, they are basically free talk radio shows that are perfect for listening to while you fold laundry, clean, plan lessons, or need a break from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme song. I listen on iTunes, but there's also a cool app called “Stitcher” that I like. 

Here's a new list, with some specific suggestions of the best podcasts for homeschool moms, and some that are great for everyone. 

The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast with Pam Barnhill, who writes over at ED Snapshots  – this is one of my favorites. Pam talks to veteran homeschool moms about their homeschool days, what's important in their homeschooling, and so much more.  I have listened to every single episode and enjoyed them all. I love Pam's calm demeanor, the fun questions she asks her guests, and I've learned a lot from this one! 

Your Morning Basket with Pam Barnhill – this is another favorite, and not just because Pam's the host of this one, too! Your Morning Basket talks about one of my favorite parts of our homeschool day – sometimes called Circle Time, Morning Basket, Morning Time…there are lots of names for it, but it's basically a time that my kids and I all come together as a family to learn. We do memory work, read together, and learn together. We've done this for several years, and it's a calming, grounding part of our day. The Your Morning Basket podcast is an invaluable resource for moms who have a morning time or circle time as a part of their homeschooling day. If this isn't something you do, you should consider it! I could go on and on about how much I've loved this podcast, but I'll just encourage you to check it out for yourself – and I'll recommend that you make Episode #4, A Conversation with Dr. Christopher Perrin, a priority. It was SO incredibly inspiring and has impacted our homeschool days in a huge way.

Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie from AmongstLovelyThings.com – this is a really excellent podcast. The tagline for this one is “Build your family culture around books,” and I think that says it all. The Read-Aloud Revival truly inspired a revival in my home, and we are on a 9-day reading aloud streak that my kids are LOVING! (If you're curious, we're currently reading (Surviving the Applewhites, The Bronze Bow, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and Beowulf). 

The Busy Mom, with Heidi St. John who blogs at HiediStJohn.com – I've enjoyed these, but I wasn't surprised because I really love her blog posts and writing, too! I do have a word of caution – there are some references to…er….private time with the husband on these podcasts, so don't listen with your kids in the room. There isn't anything terribly inappropriate, just some innuendo-type comments that are meant to encourage women. These are good to listen to after the kids are in bed. 🙂

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast  with Jami Balmet from YoungWife'sGuide.com – Jami seems like such a sweet wife and mom that you can't help but want to listen and follow her suggestions! She doesn't homeschool, but with two sets of twin boys you KNOW this lady is busy! Even as an old married lady (is early 30's old? I know my kids think it is, but I don't!) who has been married for thirteen years, I've appreciated Jami's fresh perspective and sweet nature so much! It's very inspiring and convicting to listen to Biblical truth about homemaking. 

A Slob Comes Clean with Dana White from ASlobComesClean.com – I've been reading this blog sporadically for years, but I just recently discovered the podcasts! Dana is just fun to listen to, and my kids LOVE listening to her podcasts…which is kind of funny, because it's not geared towards kids at all! Dana struggles with some of the same things that I struggle with in keeping a clean house, and I find her honesty very refreshing. She's genuinely funny, and this is a great one to listen to when you're tackling a mess or cleaning your house. 

Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network  – I've listened to a LOT Of these, and I've liked all of them! There are lots of different hosts and programs, so I recommend going to their website to find what you like, then looking it up on iTunes. 

I'll ask again (in case we need a third post!) – do you have any favorite podcasts? Comment below! 

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  1. Sally Clarkson and Kristen Kill have one together that’s fairly new. I have enjoyed and been quite encouraged by them

  2. Sally and Kristen are the best and also @home06 is a fav!! Six moms talking bout all our struggles!(:

  3. A couple others I love are: Everyday Porridge podcast and God Centered Mom Podcast. And someone already mentioned them, but the At Home podcast is wonderful! It’s my current fave!

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