Stubborn Weight Master Class with Coach Jen

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Did you know there are quite a few ways you could be stalling your weight loss with Trim Healthy Mama?

When someone comes to me with stubborn weight, whether in my Six Week THM Bootcamp or a 1:1 client, I have a BIG checklist of questions I talk them through. Many of those trouble spots are addressed in Bootcamp alone, where we focus on the habits and systems that make it easy to get on plan and stay on plan, and troubleshoot the most common issues. I've had dozens of testimonials from clients who lost weight in Bootcamp even though they've been stuck or stalled for months – or even years!

But for some clients, it's time to dig deeper. With those ladies I have to put on my detective's hat and magnifying glass – OK, I don't actually have either of those, but that sounds super fun – and identify which of THM's stubborn-weight-busters will work the best.

Fortunately, after 11+ years on plan and almost six years of coaching I have a whole library of resources I've created and TONS of helpful ideas to get things moving again. I'll be sharing them with you in my upcoming Stubborn Weight Master Class. As always, this Master Class comes with a detailed, printable guide.

The live Master Class will be held on Thursday, March 28th at 6:30pm MST. You'll receive the guide, as well as access to the replay anytime!

You can sign up with the early bird price of just $7 (valid only until midnight on March 25) by clicking the button below. I'll see you there!

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