Cheat Recovery Workshop

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I've been hearing a lot of concern about the upcoming holiday season, and believe me – I get it! I've been there! Holiday treats (especially Halloween candy) can derail even the strongest mama!

After all of these years of THM Coaching, I've learned that it is so important to recover WELL if you go off plan. I can teach you how to minimize cheats and get back on plan when you fall off the wagon in my Cheat Recovery Workshop!

We'll be meeting live October 2nd at 6pm MST but you can catch the replay anytime!

Once again, I'm offering this class at a deeply discounted price. As a single mom supporting my kids on my own, I want to offer the kind of help I wish I'd had on my THM Journey. Since the response was so huge last time, and the class was so fantastic, I'm offering this class at just $4 instead of the normal $17!

The bonus printable workbook pages are included in this class at no additional charge!

Once you register, you'll get an emailed link with access to the video and workbook pages. I'll send your info to join again the day of the event so it's at the top of your email inbox! I'm excited to see you there!

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