How to Stay On Plan When You’re Sick

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Has the recent wave of flu caught your family? Something has definitely been going around!

My daughter came down with the flu the same day that I caught a nasty stomach virus. A week later, the first day that I was able to eat normally again was the SAME DAY that I started showing symptoms of the flu she'd just recovered from!

Two weeks of illness meant two weeks of eating not quite normally. The key principles for success on THM that I teach in Bootcamp aren't quite doable when you can't keep anything down.

I was so thankful for Amazon grocery delivery – since I'm a Prime member it was free to have groceries delivered. In week 2 I was able to drive a little and had placed a grocery pick up order at Kroger.

The following is NOT medical advice – just lists of foods I eat and serve to my family when I'm sick! Please follow your doctor's recommendations when you are sick and do your own research, too!

When I had the stomach virus, I sipped collagen tea when I could keep foods down, and stuck to very bland foods – dry sprouted toast, bananas, brown rice (microwaveable so I didn't have to cook), and applesauce.

When I had the flu, I drank a lot of store bought chicken stock, sipped on tea with collagen, and set a timer to eat every four hours. I completely avoided dairy and focused a bit more on protein since I hadn't been able to with the other virus.

Here are the foods I stocked up on and ate when I was a sick Trim Healthy Mama:

  • Light Progresso Soups
  • tea with collagen
  • Wasa crackers
  • sprouted toast
  • brown rice cakes
  • bananas
  • applesauce
  • apples
  • freeze dried fruit
  • berries
  • bone broth

I hope you and your family stay healthy this fall and winter! But it might be helpful to stock up on some of these on-plan food choices, just to be prepared.

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