7 Day Sipper Challenge

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Our sipper challenge starts on MONDAY, June 26, but you can feel free to jump in late or do it on your own if you'd like to at any time!

 I know that sippers are not 100% necessary to the plan…meaning you CAN follow Trim Healthy Mama and lose weight without ever having a sipper. I've had clients who've done that, so I know it's possible!

BUT it is so fantastic to stay hydrated. For some, staying hydrated is a big factor when it comes to weight loss. Some of these sippers have health benefits, too – THM lists some of them on the THM membership site and for the recipes that are in the books!

I'm so excited to share this – I need personal inspiration (for those days I don't feel like a plain old GGMS), and I wanted my clients to have a go-to list, too…and I realized you might find this helpful, as well!

Beginning Monday, our goal is to have one sipper per day…and hopefully start to build a new habit to keep us enjoying our sippers through the summer and beyond!

You can download the challenge packet below (the packet includes a daily challenge planning sheet and the Master Sipper Idea List).

I'll see you in my free Facebook Challenge group on Monday!

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