Fuel Stacking Master Class

One of the defining features of my Six Week Bootcamp is the women who lose weight during our six weeks in ways they haven't seen before.

Maybe they've been on plan for awhile and lost at first but then it stopped…or maybe they've never lost weight the way they expected to.

Why does this happen? In many cases I can see RIGHT AWAY what the problem is. For the past FIVE+ years I've spent hours nearly every day reviewing food journals for my clients, so I know exactly what to look for!

There are several easily identifiable issues, and normally it's no problem to get them right back on track. But if it's FUEL STACKING I typically need to spend some time teaching them what it is and how to avoid it. I'm always happy to do that in Bootcamp, because it's that one-on-one support that makes Bootcamp so beneficial. This Master Class gives you the opportunity to hear exactly what I say to my Bootcampers!

In this class, you'll learn about one of the most the common culprits when it comes to mistakes on plan. We'll go over what it is, and how to avoid it, to help you do your best on plan!

The live class will be held Thursday, June 8th at 6pm MST, but replays will be available anytime after the class!

I know there are LOTS of extra expenses right now (believe me – with these kids home for the summer I'm already feeling it! 😅), so I'm only charging $4 for this class if you register early the price will go up to the normal $17 on June 6. Space is limited, so please register right away if you're interested to claim your spot now!

Yes, that $4 early bird price includes unlimited replays and the class printables! I hope this class is a blessing to you!

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