5 Day Quit Sugar Challenge

Do you want to eliminate sugar from your diet?

I used to be completely addicted to sugar. Even when I found Trim Healthy Mama over 11 years ago, I spent about 3 years following the plan BUT –

  • still having an occasional soda (sometimes a DAILY soda when I'd feel stressed out)
  • still indulging in Halloween candy
  • still eating dessert when I craved it
  • still justifying ALL of it because I was MOSTLY eating healthy foods

Unfortunately, sugar in my life causes anxiety, weight gain, and SERIOUSLY sabotages my trim. Cutting sugar completely has made a HUGE difference in my THM journey, AND a huge difference for my THM clients!

It's time for a 5-Day Quit Sugar Challenge to help you say goodbye to sugar and get on with finding your way to Trim and Healthy! This challenge is only $5 if you sign up before January 18th! At midnight on January 18th, the price goes up to the normal cost of $10.

This challenge is designed to help you rid your diet of added sugars – which can rob your energy, load you up with empty calories, and lead to a host of health problems. I'm including a fairly comprehensive list of some of the sneaky hidden sugar names so you can avoid some of the mistakes that I used to make!

Sign up for the 5-Day Quit Sugar Challenge here!

When you sign up for the challenge, I'll be sending the 5-Day Quit Sugar Success Manual AND 5 days of bonus email coaching to help you maximize your results. 

Quitting sugar can be tough. And even when you get just a little, sometimes it can spark cravings.

In this 5 Day Quit Sugar Challenge I'll give you a complete, actionable plan to eliminate added sugars and get back on track!

This challenge is even more fun with friends – I've even done it with my kids!

I'm so excited about this – I know you can quit sugar for good and I'm ready to help!

Be sure to register before the price goes up! The challenge kicks off on January 20th!


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